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  1. Love the album! I think you guys did a tremendous job! Well done!
  2. Sorry to bump the old thread but I am curious to see how this project is going. There haven't been any updates in about 2 months. Hope it hasn't tanked. Thanks!
  3. @DJ Mokram: Not to be nitpicky or anything but, in your recruitment post, Treasure didn't make Ristar insert Alien Soldier or Light Crusader in there and you should be fine
  4. Glad to see this project is under way at last. I hope you can churn out some really cool stuff! I'm no musician myself but I'll be supporting 110%.
  5. Hi, I've long enjoyed Dynamite Headdy's Soundtrack and when I heard the awesome Sonic 3 Remixes from this group I am really hoping for a top quality release I enjoyed the Heavy Metal tunes the most, Malicious Fingers, Dead Batteries, Doomsday are all brilliant tracks from that album. I hope that this game's music gets as much attention as Sonic 3's music did as some of DH's tracks are just begging for Metal remixes. I hope SnappleMan comes on board the project too, his work is awesome! I'll be keeping my eye on this and supporting the Headdy Movement.
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