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  1. Would love to jingle the bell once more, if life permits.
  2. Congrats to @Souperion and @TheVideoGamer! Amazing entries from everyone (Hleet included) and many thanks for the feedback as always. Now what delicious, third rate remixes am I gonna cook with the brand spanking new wooden spoon Bundeslang graciously awarded me? xD
  3. Vote is in. Always a blast coming back to this compo, seeing everyone having fun and challenging themselves still. <3
  4. Props to @HLEET for digging up this fine tune. Made my nostalgia tingle.
  5. Thanks for pulling at my heartstrings with this very special game/soundtrack.
  6. Would love to be a part of this once more, if life allows.
  7. Here's an Hip-Hop/EDM arrangement of 'Petrolith Castle' from Skyblazer (SNES), made for AOCC v14. Happy Holidays.
  8. Ditto. And mad props to @The Coop for keeping this tradition alive and crafting amazing pixel artwork year after year.
  9. Will definitely enter this round, if life lets me have fun for like a minute.
  10. Gonna echo what @TSori said, this year's been rough enough as it is. If it's just a case of selecting another, less-controversial OST and starting PLT2 over fresh, then so be it. Nobody can fault you for prioritizing your own well being. Hang tight @Trism.
  11. Here's a chill hip-hop/electronica arrangement of the 'Save Theme' from Resident Evil 4. Happy Halloween.
  12. It's so inspiring to see you've still got the resolve to go forward with this project despite multiple setbacks. Hopefully you've recovered and are feeling better. Great sound upgrade that preserves the late 80s, early 90s rock aesthetic, complemented by a well rounded mixing/prod. Looking forward to hearing more.
  13. The round's been plugged on Discord. Mad props to AxLR on the quick turnout! Looking forward to a few moar entries.
  14. Featuring the most tragically poetic typo in the history of this compo.
  15. Just my opinion, but I don't think there's anything wrong with either of those 2 new rules you suggested. Stopping at the 6th gen makes the compo more inclusive in regard to skill ceiling, sound quality and VST/libraries requirements. PRC is already dedicated to lesser-known games, which means that if you went with popular VGM instead, it'd make both compos complementary rather than a challenge not to step on each others toes every round. Bit of advice tho: if you're gonna helm any kind of community event, it is literally your job as an organizer to plan for a successful turnout. Starting with (and I've said it a few times already) advertising your compo to make sure there is participation. In the age of Discord servers, especially when contestants come from the same artist pool in a buried forum subsection, relying on the same 3 people to carry every event, year after year, isn't realistic. Everyone's interests shift, as do life's priorities and even enthusiasm has limits.
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