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  1. I put this into my SNES the other day, heard the theme and figured someone could have a blast with it. <--Link to the intro found on YouTube, it's not the exact SNES verson, sounds like someone ran it through through a mixer, but it's basically the same.Good luck, have fun!
  2. I love the beat for the BrinStar section at 1:35 to 2:40, I've been looking for the full version of that song forever! The whole song was put together very well, you can tell a lot of effort went in to this one. Great job!
  3. Hey there , I'm looking for someone who wants to remix an already cool song. From the SNES game Sim Earth, during the Earth Present Day scenario. I have a link to the song below. This is a song I believe that someone could have a lot of fun with. Thank you in advance!