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  1. It is my personal view that this album is very unique in it's own right. The sound it gives is one of a kind, and the vivid pictures that this album can paint in one's mind are unreal. I greatly enjoy the progressing feel that the album emits from its music. By this I mean that it feels like I'm on a journey from one destination to another, and I'm only getting closer to the end. This is a really, really cool album. My personal favorite song on the Kaleidoscope Original Soundtrack is Troublesome Travels (Windyridge Harvest), but they all unique in their own claims. Keep it up, and
  2. I would love for someone to remix Inside the tree from Shadow of the Beast from either Amiga or Sega Genesis, and If someone could remix some Eternal Champions Songs from the Sega Genesis version, preferably Midnight's theme, that would be awesome!!!!
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