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  1. Just listened to the first CD. Amazing stuff as always with a great variety of genres. Good work!!!
  2. Hey folks, I'm not that much of an active poster here. I still have a request which is something unique because it has nothing to do with this site/VGM. I'm not sure where I could ask this. Well it is about an unreleased track of the Devil May Cry Anime series. It is by far the best track in the series but was not included in the soundtrack. Many moaned about that and thus I'm asking if someone who has experience in rock-remixes to re-arrange that song. It can be found here: 2.57 - 4.12 As you see it is not long. The Arrangement doesnt have to be longer, I'd be glad aswell if someone
  3. Now you forced me to register here.... For old OCReMixes check this site: http://www.doulifee.com/Storage/OC_Removed/ VGMix was never my favorite....got none of them
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