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  1. Liked all 3! OC ReMix is outdoing themselves with this contest =) Also, I'll have what Nobuo's having (food looks amazing =O)
  2. I already checked there (links were dead), google'd the titles, as well as the authors, and came up with nothin'. That's why I'm posting here... hoping people can help.
  3. Ever since my Hard drive crashed last spring, I've been trying to get back the gb's of music from ocremix/vgmix that I had downloaded. I've gotten back most all of the ocremixes (except for some that have been taken down), and quite a few of the vgmixes from cd's I had made and backed up, along with searching all over the net. I've noticed the best way to get songs taken off ocremix, as well as lost vgmix songs, is to ask for it from others. So.. LOOKING FOR: Roetaka - A warmer farewell (Megaman 2) Simon Belmont - ??? (World of Warcraft) -I noticed A Warmer Farewell was rejected from o
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