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  1. The Final Fantasy games have always toted such a beautiful array of musical arrangements throughout the years (yes, I'm including the 8-bit wonders of NES as well ). That being said, I must point out that Final Fantasy IX is my favorite of the series to date. I'm sure I've stated that before, but it must be said again. That game is full of tracks that many overlook. I cannot say, however, that is complete folly. The shear number of remixes of 'Loss of Me,' 'You're not alone,' and 'Hunter's chance' are staggering. Yes, those tracks are quite popular in the video game community. But, beyond bei
  2. Thanking Kate goes without saying. I was thanking you for directing me to it. Thanks again. -Kiz
  3. Thanks SoulnEther This is a wonderful arrangement. -Kiz
  4. This piece is simply amazing. I'm not normally at a loss for words, but in this instance, your vocals have robbed me of my wits. Bravo on such a moving piece. If I may make a suggestion for a later arrangement, I would love to hear a moving rendition of 'You're not Alone!' Final Fantasy IX is my favorite of the series, and its musical arrangements invoke such an emotional upwelling within me. You've already made one of my favorite arrangements into a masterpiece. If you do decide to make lightning strike twice, I do hope you decide to take me up on my suggestion. Keep up your wonder
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