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  1. The server appeared to pick the most unplayed maps as the choices for the map list. So if no one nominated anything, we would end up with the 5 pretty horrible maps.
  2. I have been playing a lot of MvM, but it has been pretty lucrative...... two australium weapons found (Wrench, Grenade Launcher), Two weapons sold. I am quite happy heading into the Steam Sale.... now i just hope there's games i like. Mrs Bark and I are leaving tomorrow to visit her family, and likely won't be around until Thursday or Friday.
  3. I have a Drill Sergeant's Hat Up for trade.... Gone: Festive Grenade Launcher Festive Buff Banner Ze Goggles
  4. http://respawn.timdenee.com/ We're through the looking glass, people!
  5. Had a good turn out tonight for an impromptu OCR night on the server. was great to have a ton of regulars back in! Hopefully we can start doing that more often.
  6. This is a good starter list - http://lifehacker.com/5924212/lifehacker-pack-for-android-our-list-of-the-best-android-apps?tag=downloads I'd suggest adding evernote, if like me, you have a number of different computers/tablets/smartphones/desktops/laptops on the go, and want to synchronize things. I also second their recommendation of dropbox, for both PC and Phone. I like coolreader for ebooks, because i've got it set up to download books from my calibre library, http://calibre-ebook.com/, a pc based ebook manager. Can't forget the steam app, so you can see what your friends are playing, and if it's worth while to go to the server and play. I like beautiful widgets on my phone as well, since i'm only running froyo, and don't have all the cool tools.
  7. This is how Mrs Bark learned to play...... just ask Paranoid or Powerlord about it.......
  8. Lucky Clefairy. I should open some of the crates i've got piling up.
  9. I'd guess it'll be part of what ever summer spectacular Valve has planned for the next week or so, once the elementary schools are out........
  10. If you really want to see 'ruined time' Frogg asked me once if i felt bad pocketing him on a valve server.
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