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  1. The alpha trial key is gone.
  2. Yes you are the one that bought my 32" tv, and I am so glad to hear that it worked really well for you guys! I am glad its still working and getting good use out of it Also I got an email from EA-Dice for the battlefield 3 alpha Trial if anyone wants. I have no use for it. Just throw me an email @ kadengt@gmail.com and I will forward you the email I got. has all activation stuff on it.
  3. I ended up selling it for $550 to a local guy.
  4. I am looking for a copy (used or otherwise) of Final Fantasy XI Vana collection 08 for 360. Does NOT have to be new with a code. I would be perfectly happy with a used copy that no one wants anymore. send me a PM please if you got one and let me know of a price. Thank you, Kaden
  5. Please remove my for Item(s) for sale, the bundle has been sold.
  6. I can take a pic of it if need be. could it be one of the MGS4 80 gb models?
  7. thats what I thought too prophet. It has an 80 gb hard drive in it.
  8. I know your not, and while I would LOVE to get $800 out of it, chances are not that great, as I put that I am willing to negotiate a different price. Also you are right, no one really knows me, but I have sold a few things on here before. aside from that, even if I did sell it in peices, if not everything sold, it would be just a waste because they'd be sitting here longer if everything else went.
  9. It could be, but I'd like to get it all sold at once, as opposed to some things being sold and others not. This way I am not stuck with ps3 games or movies that I cannot use and the person who purchases it can just trade in what they don't want and get something that they want instead.
  10. Hey guys, it has been quite a while since I last used this to try and sell something. For Sale : Playstation 3 80GB - Backwards compatible version. Has the memory card slots and 4 usb slots also. 2 controllers - 1 dualshock 3, 1 six-axis HDMI cable included along with power cord. Blu-ray: Alice in Wonderland Beauty and the Beast Salt Mr. & Mrs. Smith Edward Scissorhands The 40-Year Old Virgin Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete From Paris With Love Casino Royale Quantum of Solace Inception Untraceable Kingdom of Heaven Games: Formula 1 2010 Enslaved Call of Duty: Black Ops Burnout Paradise Bayonetta Battlefield Bad COmpany 2 Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood EA Sports Active 2 Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Tomb Raider Underworld Red Dead Redemption Prince of Persia NCAA Football 11 Need For Speed Shift Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (Limited Edition) Mod Nation Racers Mass Effect 2 Killzone 2 Gran Turismo 5 Ghostbusters NHL 11 Borderlands Oblivion Game of the Year Edition The Saboteur Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Little Big Planet Little Big Planet 2 inFamous Final Fantasy XIII White Knight Chronicles (No Case, just disc) NBA 2K11 3D Dot Game Heroes Nascar 2011 The Sly Collection Madden 11 Ratchet and ClanK Future: A Crack In Time Star Ocean: The Last Hope -International- I am selling it as a set. I am asking 800 OBO. I am really willing to negotiate, as long as it isn't something like 200 bucks. too much to give away for that. Just PM me with any questions. also, Shipping will be on me. So no worries on your part. ~kaden
  11. Remove : Ps3 + Games + Ps3 eye camera [kaden] Reason : sold.
  12. I am not sure how much you guys read his comments on any of the music that he claims is his, but if you read the Zelda 2 one he clearly fucks up the website address with putting it @ .com instead of .org and claims to be the lead programmer for something, im assuming the site. btw, not trying to beat a dead or horse or nothing, i read what you guys had to say about it, just thought i'd throw that up though. response in question :
  13. Prohpet, could you please add this to the sales : Playstation 3 40 gb system with upgraded 250 gb hard drive It comes with a an original Six Axis controller, USB cable for controller, HDMI cable and power cord. I will also include the a/v cables too if needed in the case that you do not have an HDTV. The set includes : Final Fantasy XIII White Knight Chronicles Oblivion GOTY edition Battlefield Bad Company Battlefield Bad Company 2 : LE Burnout Paradise Valkyria Chronicles Nascar 2009 Little Big Planet GOTY edition Folklore Mini Ninjas Ghostbusters Prince of Persia Uncharted 2 and Ps3 Eye camera. I want it to be sold as a set, and have it priced so far @ 500 on craigslist and 600 for BIN on Ebay. throw me an offer for the Entire set, its not sold seperately.
  14. thats cool man, no worries
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