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  1. I have liked Nobuo Uematsu's official facebook page, the Distant Worlds page, and have been a fan of OCRemix for 10 years. I therefore claim my right to participate in this contest and get a chance to meet Uematsu-sama in the flesh!
  2. I have dreamed of this project since I first played it in 91 but never had the time (or the talent, for that matter) to do it nor the exposure of a proper forum to pull it through! Finally someone has realized how great this game's soundtrack is! I stand up, take off my hat and applaud your project! Might I throw in my 2c? Have you tried replacing the lead viola on track 1 with a brass ensemble supported by a layer of slow strings to give it a deeper 'space opera' feeling? Also, could I suggest increasing the speed of track 13 and make it a bit heavier so as to reflect the sense of urgency an
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