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  1. I'll probably swing by. I've been goofing off with the new Engy gun and I'm having a lot of fun with it. I'm waiting for the nerf to the range, because it's pretty ridiculous at the moment. ... I'm also trying to get more Naughty Crates so I can get a Strange Festive FJ or a Strange Festive Sandvich. The rest of them don't really interest me. I also have three of the new Sniper sideburns from the Nice Crates, which I'm willing to trade off to anyone who wants one. Otherwise they'll probably just get crafted into new hats.
  2. Well, if you're going to plug, I might as well plug mine as well. Well, the one that works properly. The other one seems to have bugged out and doesn't play the video properly. Laugh Tracks The bugged one is this: Friendgineers Which SHOULD play this.
  3. That's surprisingly poetic there, Clefairy. Oh, by and by, I've mentioned it on the servers... but I'm nearing the moment when the Mochan-Nagant is actually "Legendary" on the kill counter. I'm rather excited. Only... 102 kills left? And most of them were all garnered on Ichi and OCR playing with you guys. Probably means I've been playing too much.
  4. Aw, but then how will I single-handedly defeat the other team as a melee Heavy?
  5. New Promo items? I'll have to take a look at that. In other news, I apparently have one hell of a swingin' arm: www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTckuFqXtNM
  6. This actually looks like a lot of fun. o Ao Anyway, I've been away from TF2 the past week or so to focus on working on my project for college. However, I have started popping around again... and have been most amused by the new stuff from the Foundry and holiday updates. There's one thing in particular I've been making a lot of use out of, as some of you may know: www.youtube.com/watch?v=raBcVbWJD2A
  7. Yeah, I saw that when it went up initially... before it had the subtitles. I like that sort of thing but... I wonder if it might be improved by getting actual voice actors instead of using the Garry's Mod technique of just splicing in-game dialogue.
  8. I'm glad you liked it. The original music was (the rather fitting, if overused) Crazy Frog - Axel F. You better believe it. |D
  9. Yeah. I noticed. Apparently it's blocked everywhere but Spain because of the song choice I used. Worse come to worse, I'll just drop the music altogether. |< EDIT: Here's the new version, with the music replaced with something else so all the non-Spaniards can enjoy it. I've edited into the previous post as well, so people aren't sent to a dead link.
  10. For anyone that DIDN'T attend Yahoo's Prop Hunt event really missed out. Some... rather fun situations occurred. One of which being... this:
  11. Doing homework and checking for spies.
  12. I actually have a plan for much bigger than just 3v3. I just haven't had the time to put it down on paper and try to balance out all the rules and such to make sure everyone has fun with it. In the meantime, enjoy my utter lack of creativity:
  13. I have an extra veil now. I'm just holding onto it to try and trade for a Strange Jarate. I have everything else I want at the moment.
  14. Yeah, I was expecting a Strange Huntsman. Hence why I'm... kinda glad I can get a Strange Sleeper. I have some keys and tags ready to go for Sniper crates. |D I already have a strange regular Rifle. It will be my new Ph.D in Bodyshoots.
  15. I have heard one of the strange items in the new Sniper crates is a Sydney Sleeper. People, you know what I must do. I appreciate any help in this effort.
  16. Oh man, I get a reserved slot? That's pretty awesome. Thanks, Powerlord. I've been busy with mid-terms and other such things for this session of classes, so I had to put down the piss rifle for a little bit. I'm back, though.
  17. I am also intrigued by thoughts of Pip-Boys. Now we just need to find out how to obtain it. And hope they weren't fibbing and come out with that second Misc slot soon. There's too much fun stuff to wear and not enough spots to wear them with.
  18. Well, even if they decided to stop caring about balance and such... doesn't mean I should just submit something willynilly. Not only for the sake of balance and theme, but so that people on both sides of the weapon at hand feel like the weapon is a valid option.
  19. Man, I didn't expect so much... strong division here over the Bear Trap replacing the Teleporter. XD If it helps, I'm trying to make sure that the building, along with the gun that goes alongside it, are SIDEGRADES. I want to avoid people taking the shottie on the grounds of "it's a better gun than the normal shotgun"... and I don't want people taking the bear trap because it's hands-down better than the teleporter. I think that's why I keep pressing so hard for criticism and comments on it (along with doing )... so I'm making sure I'm not making an item that outshines the teleporter. Instead, I just want it to be an option in situations where a teleporter just isn't that handy.I don't think I could ever think of something that could feasibly replace the Dispenser, though. It's just too handy to have, both for the Engineer and for his team. On ANY map.
  20. For those of you following my attempts at getting some new Engy items into the game... I've added a hat and pistol to the shotgun/trap idea to create the Gone Hunting item set. You can still find everything here if you want the rundown on all the changes that have occurred. Still looking for someone to help texture, since I managed to get an awesome modeler to help with the, well, models. I think Bark mentioned III_Demon, but I don't have them on my Friends list to get their attention. And, of course, I'm always open to critiques and suggestions.
  21. So, as I mentioned and linked to earlier... I decided to put forth my own idea for an Engy weapon and building replacement. However, one of my biggest issues is that the render seems to be a problem. 3D graphics have never been one of my strong points... so I'm trying to find either a.) a really easy program (I've been using 3DS Max and I have Blender I think somewhere) or b.) someone with some artistic skill who wants to team up on this project. Since OCR seems to have artistic folk of the musical bent, perhaps it has some graphical arteests as well... or at least know someone who'd be willing to help out.
  22. I copied and pasted the stuff into the other thread, after realizing that just putting a link was kinda dumb. The thread in the Engineer section is here, for the curious: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2015133 Some minor changes have been made, such as making the shottie have four shots from two... and an added attempt at a shottie render.
  23. Speaking of new material... Here is the OTHER idea I have for Engineer, which I've thrown at several friends (Engineer and non) before finally bothering to try and get a quick crappy render of one part of it and put it up for perusal. Please take a look and tell me what you think either here or there. http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2015091 Much appreciated!
  24. Well, one of them is a replacement wrench for use in the Medieval Maps... it would allow the Engineer to drop a little catapult that fires either bombs or napalm at a slow rate. Possibly about half to a quarter of the speed of a normal sentry. Keeps the engineer's building capability, but doesn't break things in his favor since it doesn't quite fire fast enough to decimate the other classes that can only use melee.
  25. I really wish I had more time to fiddle with 3DS Max at the moment, I have a couple ideas for Engineer that I want to put forward. The problem is dedicating that time to try and put together something that doesn't look half-assed.
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