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  1. Hi guys, just came back on the site after years of inactivity. Would like to change all related names from Perksta, to PerksJFP Thanks guys!
  2. how do i record in good electric/acoustic guitar sounds... i dont have great equipment for recording but are there any more ways to help record without background noise.. etc,,
  3. ive been playing final fantasy 7 lately and its not that it doesnt exite me anymore i still firmly beileve its one of the better games out there i just remember it being alot harder i remember gettin so frustrated i couldnt catch a chocobo and get past the midgar zolom i would chuck the controller at the tv but now everytime i play that bit i find it easy as
  4. sorry about that.. didnt realise there was over 200 pages on this topic already and yes big shock im new
  5. the weapons ive nearly completed the game.. but im determined to beat the weapons and i realised they really do suck there that hard the ultimate weapon was easy enough when cloud has double cut and each attack does 9999 damage haha but emerald weapon seems to be destroying me even after i do the best summon in the game 6 times this game is epic surely these are the hardest bosses in any game ever? please anyone know any harder ones please tell
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