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  1. A nice, smooth remix of a bunch of great castlevania songs. Drums, Piano, and the mixing is quite impressive. I'd even go far as saying it's insperational.
  2. This is great work music! I can code for hours with this! CT is also my favorite game so I guess that factors in too.
  3. I also got this a few months back at vgmix, entitled "From Woodsword to Katana". My favorite part is at ~4:20... Makes me want to bang on my god damn desk it is so good. ~3:40 is also damn good! Excellent remix.
  4. Smooth, relaxing, and nostalgic. The beginning is great -- slow and teasing. You don't know what you're gonna get. The rest of the song is just amazing -- I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't heard it yet but the piano is fantastic! A must have to any fan of Chrono Trigger or music in general...
  5. Simply Amazing .... I totally forgot the whole theme to DW and when it first came in at 0:23 I got an amazing nostagia rush (tingles and all!). Very few songs can do that. The orchestral stuff is also amazing. Just like to say thanks to Russell for allowing me to remember the great times I had with this game!
  6. Awesome mix... I don't see how it applies to Macarena other than maybe the drums... but anyway. The intro is great... and Draggor does a good job of not trying to get too repetitive with the main theme (by mixing up drums, etc.) -- that is until he starts with the snowboard theme. (My favorite part!!) I got crazy nostaglia when the snowboard theme came in... I really liked how it became progressively more insane before going back to the Chocobo theme... As if my OC remix playlist wasn't already large enough -- *adds to playlist* -- Thanks Draggor!
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