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  1. I haven't been playing obviously, but I've been reading here in the forums from time to time. I REALLY want to comment on the fact that I've seen Rambo make 2 huge complaints about other people not doing anything about problems, when he himself has the power to do something and did not. So lolworthy Also a big LOL at the top scores posted on the TF2 blog. And a big sad-face to the loss of bacon-legs scout. . .
  2. 4 Star Wars action figures, a new computer chair, soon to be a Webcam, and possibly World of Warcraft's latest expansion. . .
  3. I know there's a good amount of people that don't like it, but I also know how much fun people had when we would play Cyberpunk with low gravity
  4. I propose to keep Cyberpunk in. It's one of the key "goof around" maps that we have. And though we haven't played it in a while, I don't think it would hurt to keep it around.
  5. So earlier on Doublecross, I had to stop playing because my mouse wasn't working in game. I went to change class, and I couldn't select any class, even with the keyboard. Then I hit Escape, and couldn't click anything there. So I rejoined by going to my Steam friends and I was only met with more confusion. I got into the game, and I could select everything on the Escape menu EXCEPT Resume Game. I haven't tested the game since, but uhhh that happened rofl
  6. http://fireslash.net/~fireslash/images/screenshots/ctf_turbine0007.jpg So funny. Begs to have the Wilhelm scream added to it And this one is just absurd to look at http://fireslash.net/~fireslash/images/screenshots/cp_dustbowl0009.jpg
  7. Aw damn. I didn't like that map at first but its actually a really cool one
  8. Anyone catch the GRENADE kill achievement for the Soldier? <__<
  9. The shield will always be on. You can tell because they say the alt-fire will charge. It would be the primary fire if you could select it, so its a safe bet that its going to work like the spy watch in that sense.
  10. So you get a different little name depending on your post count. Is there a list of these names and how many posts you need to have them anywhere?
  11. wtb Mace Windu skin of Demo + Purple Lightsaber skin of Eyelander
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