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  1. Hey ppl... As you already noticed, I haven't kept my promise to upload a new song in the past few months(since my last post). The thing is I've lost my creativity. I can't create music with emotion anymore. I've done couple of songs but they just don't meet my standards, so I have not uploaded them. When I made megaman 2 chillout remix, I was 16 years old and MADLY in love and that relationship crashed as fast as it started. I would give anything for her to even listen to me nowadays. And for the "radical changes in my life", they include jail, homelessness and therapy. I've been putting my life together and I am sorry for ppl waiting for new songs. Sorry.
  2. Hello, It's Joni here. It's been almost 5 years since I made this and I, again, thank you all for your comments. In the past 5 years I've had some radical changes in my life and so the composing has been non-existant, literally. But now I've been putting my life together again and found some new inspiration for my music, so you can expect some new remixes in few months To ppl asking for Megaman 2 sheet music: I don't have the sheet music, I made this entirely by ear. I would somehow transform this song to sheet if I could, but unfortunately the .rns(Reason song file) was destroyed along with my old HDD Sincerely, Joni Anttila aka SEDUCTiON(new alias: sedure)