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  1. They're changed. It still skips. May be my computer or programs running in the background, even though its pretty new. Thanks anyway.
  2. Thanks. I couldn't find the sample rate. I wonder if changing these values could result in making it worse? It seems to skip now more than ever. I turned the frameskip back on to 0, because it skipped through one part I know was supposed to happen. I guess it just always will skip no matter what. What a rip off. Having paid for the game resulted in the worst experience of it ever.
  3. Thanks! That worked. I've tried as many ways as I could think of to free up space, and it STILL skips. I disabled tandy, disney, and midi sound support, disabled joystick, disabled the pc speaker, increased the cycles to 8000, and increased the ram from 16 to 24. I could try enabling frameskip or increasing the cyles more I guess, or adding more RAM. Can you think of anything else that would help? Thanks.
  4. Haha! Perhaps. But...they're so awesome. They even give me inspiration for a fantasy story I'm trying out. What's even more hilarious is that finally I bought the thing! And this is what happens... Anyway, to KQ6's defense, this is more of an issue with Dosbox. I'm sure I can get the game to run smoothly if I can save the dang conf file! I'm using version 0.73.
  5. I just downloaded a CD talkie version of King's Quest VI, but it runs sluggish on my computer (I have Vista, unfortunately). The sound at times skips, which is really annoying. I tried to change some things on the DosBox configuration file to help with this--like disabling the PC speaker, tandy sound support, and disney, and also trying to increase the cycles. But then, of all things, when I try to save the configuration file, it says the file path is not valid, even when I run it as administrator. How can I fix this? I've always used notepad to read the conf file, and never had any problems u
  6. Strange indeed. I did notice the graphics in most of the screen shots were curiously unpixillated, and didn't look like anything that would run in DOS. In fact, it kind of looked like a Disney cartoon or something 0o. Two last questions (unless I find a DOS version to plague you with questions over ) 1). Is it possible to write the image of the CD/Windows version onto a blank CD to play, and then play it through DOSBox or a Windows program? 2). If not, can you recommend any classic games that might be similar to King's Quest to play? I'm not familiar with any other DOS Games. Thanks again.
  7. I couldn't find another program that could play King's Quest VII besides dosbox. If you know of one, please let me know. So I downloaded a zip file from Dos Gamer. I can't tell you the location of the executable because I don't know what the executable is...otherwise i'd just type it into DOSBox. (install.exe, install.bat, setup, none of those worked) But if I give you this link for the game file, do you think you could find it? http://dosgamer.com/kings-quest-vii-the-princless-bride/ Thanks!
  8. Sorry about all the postings...I kept finding out new things and didn't know how to edit my existing post to include the updates. Anyway, I think I figured out the issue. The KQ7 that I downloaded was from a torrent file of the entire KQ Collection. When I looked at the text file of the setup or readme or whatever it is, under program type it just said "other", whereas KQ1-6 said "dosbox". So it's not even set up to play in dosbox! And, KQ1-6's executables were "sierra", while KQ7's was "sierraw". I'll try finding a program that can play it. If I can't, I'll just download KQ7 by itself as a z
  9. Sorry for all these postings! I got the game to run for 30 seconds after typing SIERRA.EXE, but then it said there was an internal game error. I wonder if there were some other files I was supposed to run or extract in DOSBox that I didn't?
  10. Ok...now I tweaked the configuration file so that I simply added: mount c c:\games\kquest7 c: opened DOSBox, typed install.exe, and the game installed. When I typed SETUP, it said it required Microsoft Windows. What now?! This is ridiculous.
  11. I went ahead and downloaded KQ7. I don't see a .exe file, but there is a batch file. Do you think the executable would just be KQ7.BAT? Or would there have to be a cd or a sierra in there somewhere?
  12. And my newbie status is on full display... What do you mean by location? Where it exists on my comp? Because I already deleted them. In the meantime, I'll try using what you suggested. Maybe it will work for KQ7.
  13. OR, if you don't feel like bothering with all that, could you just tell me what the executable text is for King's Quest 7 that I type into DOSBox to get it to install? Then maybe your steps will work for me.
  14. Thanks again. Yes, it did hate my computer. But I want to play these games so badly, I don't even care. My hard drive can crash, and they'll send me a new one for free (I have a warranty ) Anyway, for some reason, when I try your method, I can never figure out what the hell the executable file text is to type into DOSBox. So, I've gotten KQ5 and 6 to play in DOSBox by installing DOSBox within each separate game folder, tweaking the configuration file, and then running dosbox. I got these directions from Glenn's Guides, but he never responds to my questions. So I'm asking them here. Sorry. Anyw
  15. Thanks very much. Before you had responded, I actually followed directions from another site that told me to install DosBox within KQ6 so that when you opened DosBox, KQ automatically played. Then after I uninstalled it (I just wanted to play it that one time for memory's sake), my hard drive crashed! So I won't be trying that way again. Anyway, could I use your exact same instructions for installing KQ7, but simply replace all the 6's with a 7? Or is it entirely different?
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