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  1. Just finished listening to all of the remixes here on Wind. I thought it was pretty awesome overall and there wasn't a track I did not like. Props to all of you.
  2. Keeping in mind my drawing skills are subpar, here you all go. Unfortunately I have no guess about The Otaku's latest.
  3. Well, I think I know number 2 at least. A Pac-Man ghost. The other two I'm not sure about at all. I did however draw something to add. I am not an artist at all, so it isn't good. Hopefully I did well enough for someone to guess though.
  4. I have. I'm a fan of the Persona series. I've played each of those games aside from Persona 2: Innocent Sin. I've also played a game from the main SMT series as well. They're some of my favorite games actually. I really dig RPGs, but I'll play just about anything really.
  5. I just finished listening to this album. I found it very enjoyable to listen to overall. "Chilled Pop Cherry Soda" and "Wandering in Circles, All is Uncertain" were my two favorites. "HAX" is growing on me as I listen to it again. The video game influence in the music is really clear. In short, great job, Nario. Can't wait to hear another album from you.
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