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  1. Hello happy people, PAX 2009 is here, and I'm racing against time to get Flare's demo ready. It'll get done, I just might not get any sleep this week. But the new news is that I've relaunched the website! It's no longer a red logo and some bullet points. I can confirm there are leaves now. Oh, and there are some cool wallpapers. Truly, everything you could ever want. Wish me luck at PAX! www.ArcCeleste.com Jordan
  2. I'm going. Will be there with a laptop running the Flare demo. Possibly merchandise. Possibly.
  3. Donating was my pleasure. As you might guess, I came across your site after news of the superb FFIV remix hit the popular gaming blogs. If you want to attract more people like me, you know what to do. And yes, I am completely serious about getting this game created. I'll confess that this isn't a massive RPG, so don't expect a six-year development time with multiple engine changes. If you're not playing Flare by Christmas 2011, something terrible must have happened. The musician I found here has been very prompt and professional; I think we'll get along swimmingly. I'll try to pop in with ne
  4. Wow, that was amazing. I've received a dozen responses after posting just one week ago. Thank you all for your interest and time spent to send me samples of your work. Let me be clear and state that I read every email, every PM, every post, and listened to every sample everyone sent, even if I didn't send a reply. Yes, I read yours. That was my entire weekend. There's so much talent here that picking just one was quite a challenge. For etiquette's sake I won't name the person at this time. I've made a donation of $100 to Overclocked Remix as thanks. RPGs have been my favorite genre since the
  5. E-mails received. Thank you all. I'm making the final selection now, so please, no more.
  6. *laughs* Getting Sara right was a huge challenge. She has to be a mother, a mature woman, but also hot enough to star as an RPG heroine and possibly grace the box art. You're not playing as The Nameless One's wife. As you can see, I asked my artist to err on the side of "too hot." Meteo Xavier: I have received your e-mail. I'm actually drowning in responses from OCRemix people, and I'm having trouble getting back to everyone. Your patience is appreciated.
  7. As promised, here's something approaching substantive information on Flare, so you know what you're getting yourself into. I've written a little bit about the kind of music I'm looking for on the bottom of page 2. Hopefully it's useful. I'll try and make the decisions about musician(s) this weekend. But if you just want to contribute, I won't look a gift MP3 in the mouth. Thanks for your time, Jordan
  8. I'm sorry, man. I'm not looking to make enemies on this board and I'm not insinuating that anyone is soulless, unfriendly or uninterested. My actions are born from ignorance rather than malice. I found a great artist by a recommendation from a friend, but have had no luck asking around for a musician. So I'm posting here as a true noob, a first-timer, and getting more responses than I ever expected (specifically, more than one). I have to find a way to qualify and disqualify people, so I'm going with my instincts, poorly honed as they may be. That said, I have done a poor job of explaining my
  9. It doesn't. If you send me a link to what you've done, I'd love to hear it.
  10. It's not the money. I can't point to anything qualitative about your music. I guess it's just the approach. While I appreciate and understand the need to send out prewritten letters and links to professional websites, my expectations are different. A few people wrote, "hey, this is so-and-so, here's a track I've done, tell me more about your game and do you need format X & Y" and that's the kind of response I was looking for. Not that you're doing anything wrong, but such are my preferences.
  11. Roger that. I'm afraid that you and Mephisto are not what I'm looking for at the moment. My apologies.
  12. Whoops. Sorry, got distracted. Yes, I'm still here. Have gotten a few PMs and am talking to people now. Haven't settled on one person yet. Will post here when I do.
  13. The style of the game is SNES-era Final Fantasy. But not pixelated sprite art; I have a wonderful artist in Seattle who's drawing large, 168px characters. My goal is to get the game on Xbox Live, so I'm working toward a 1280x720 resolution. I'd like to get 10 tracks. Is that asking a lot? I honestly have no idea. Title theme (not loopable) 1 loopable battle theme 6 character themes (loopable or not) Overworld/town theme, loopable Dungeon theme, loopable
  14. I hope this is allowed. I scoured the rules, forums and FAQs and haven't found anything forbidding (or indeed, mentioning) it. If I'm mistaken, mods, please be gentle. I mean no harm. Ahem. My name is Jordan Roher (no relation to Jason Rohrer). I'm working on an original RPG called "Flare" and am in need of musicians. My RPG gaming heritage is mainly Final Fantasy, so I would prefer someone(s) who can compose original tracks in that style. This is a paid gig (up front, not royalties after release). If you have the time and the inclination, I'd love your help. I will happily post more game
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