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  1. Lava Lava Is awesome dude. Did you download your own Vsts?
  2. Ah I see how is Sonar? Similar to FL?
  3. Hey what did you use to make this song?
  4. Thats not bad man i like it.. and this was in garage band?
  5. /facepalm .... Alright its fixed sorry bout that.... And thanks ill check it out.
  6. About how long did it take you to make your first one and what equipment/sofware did you use?
  7. Garage band, is that a Mac application?
  8. ... Really dude lol, :-PAnd sure I would like to hear it if you don't mind it at all.
  9. Wow Ok.. my bad for bumping ... but anyway, do you still have that first song you made?
  10. Bumb I hope im not in the wrong forum.
  11. What was your first remix or melody that you created, What program and equipment did you use? How long did it take you? I'm just interested to see were every one started and how each of your styles differ, and maybe hear a little about your background and what kind of Video game music your into. I'm just starting the melody creating/ remixing myself, and i have a HUGE collection of video game music at my disposal its just a passion of mine and remixing and creating my own is what im thriving for! Your responses and discussion would boost my enthusiasm for this hobby even further. Thanks in advance!
  12. Its no problem Im 19 and no I have not done much. But im willing to learn more and help out with this project any way that I can. The programs that im familiarizing myself with at this point are Reaper and paulstretch.
  13. I think ill try out that program and Reaper. Ive herd alot of good things about reaper.
  14. Wow this guy is awesome answered all of my question.. (that i haven't even asked yet) probably because of the redundancy of the question.. Thanks man Reaper it is then.. but can it do everything hat FL can?
  15. What program will you guys be using for this project?
  16. What are your opinions on these two programs? Which do you think is better? Ups and downs of each? Trying to choose between them.
  17. Thanks for helping out a new ill be sure to check out these programs
  18. From Personal Experience I would say Ps3, Have not had any problems with mine and most of the people I know; if they own the Wii they dont have many games and if they own the 360 its breaks down on them in someway, But hey that just from my personal exp.
  19. I was just wondering what programs are you guys using to alter mp3s? What programs are you using to create remixes and witch do you think is the best one? Im looking into trying to remix some songs of my own and would like to know. Thanks in advance!
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