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  1. I live in Vancouver, and I have been right there with Uematsu since the first games. I would lose myself in the music first and foremost and it's always been an inspiration in my music as a producer. Always a proud supporter.
  2. Hey Guys, I'm Dj Atma or Atma the Weapon. I produce and promote the drum and bass/dubstep scene in Vancouver BC, and I'm looking for some wicked video game remixes. I'm spinning a show in September and it has a video game theme, or more specifically a mega man theme so I'm looking to spice things up with as much video gamery as I possibly can! I've downloaded a number of tunes from here and I'm always on the look out for new tracks. This is where I ask for your help. I can't possibly look through all the music here, so if there are ANY drum and bass or dubstep tunes out there that you think I could use(Dancefloor stuff for this one please), I would love to hear it or even get a 320 so I can MURK a dancefloor in about a month. I've been checking this site out for years, and I always appreciate how much good music is actually out there and how much work people put into it! Thanks in advance, I'm looking forward to hearing some good stuff, and contributing more to this community!
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