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  1. I don't know when it really began for me, but i do remember as a child that i would play Super Mario Bro's 3, and beat the first two worlds just to listen to the World Map 3 music theme for hours while drawing pictures. I had done the same for many different games, such as Super Mario World, LOZ - Link to the Past, Super Metriod, and Sonic the hedgehog my favorite brand of VGM. I use to drive my mother crazy after i learned to record music from my video games on to an tape player, and had made up to 10 different tapes from many different games. I had grew up listen to many types of Music, but it was video game music that has always had better quality to me, i didn't care much for lyrics, and was only into music itself. Now and days when people ask to use my mp3 player, i always have to warn them that there's nothing on it that they may like because of the type of music on it, but they give it a shot and afterward i always get the question. "Why do you listen to this, don't you like anything else?" I reply, "Yes, but nothing compares to the wonderful dreams that video game music gives me." My listen to video game has effected many of my friends, and family members, just an few month's ago my younger sister at the age of 22 asked me for an copy of Sonic Colors - Wisp Planet Map Theme because i had listened to it all night, and it stuck with her even when i hadn't seen her some time ago. I don't think anything could drag me away from video game music, i'm already awaiting the release of LOZ - Skyward Sword, so i can find familiar tunes that i'm fond of.
  2. Great Album you guy's, I don't think there was even 1 music piece that i didn't like, great work.