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  1. Got a short video for you today. It's not the demo vid I was waiting on, but it's a combo demo featuring Air Man, Tengu Man, Toad Man, and of course Mega Man.
  2. Well, we sure are taking our sweet *** time with that promo vid aren't we? This week turned into that month into next month. Truth be told, things have been moving along much faster than I had anticipated. I almost had a vid ready for you guys, but the conversion left the sound overblown, like raising the EQ to max. Garbled sound not something I'd want to show off to people I'm hoping to get a soundtrack out of. What I would like to share today some vids of other projects we've worked on. One is the Hyper combo demonstration from Capcom's side of Super Marvel vs Capcom: Eternity of Heroes. Keep in mind this was done two years before MvC3. The other is a play vid from our partnership with Project X, "X-Men: Second Coming" Super MvC is currently in v6.1 development and X-Men:SC is v0.9. Both are public beta playable and available at our home site. We do internally bug test but with Super MvC being over 90+ playable characters well... better to just let the world tell us what to fix or it'd never get finished. However with Megaman: RMM we're planning to release at version 1.0. We want this game completely done before we send it out to the masses for everlasting enjoyment. We're currently looking at about 28-32 character for Release 1 coded to one master template so debugging will be way down. That's all I've got to share for now, that demo vid WILL be coming sometime soon though.
  3. Well, I was trying to secure a playable demo for you guys, but it's being used solely for development use for the other coders to get a grasp on the mechanics. What I can do is get them to post up footage from the demo. I'll have them make a vid, Mega Man vs Toad Man on Symphony City (MM's level). Expect that sometime this week.
  4. I was actually looking an area like this, thanks alot.

  5. Hello all again, G Lux from Infinity Mugen Team again stopping in for an update on our project, "Mega Man: Robot Master Mayhem". In an effort to not over-complicate a re-introduction, please read OP here. http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=25011&page=2 Like it was brought out in that thread, we weren't ready yet to reach out for musical talents, but now we are in programming production and have a definite list of first release characters (24 so far, fully sprited and awaiting coding) that we would like to have music for if any of you are still interested. The team had decided that Rockman should "Rock", so we're looking to see if you "X-tremely" talented people would want to participate in creating a Rock soundtrack for this game. All kinds of rock will work (Prog, Glam, Garage, Digi, Punk, Heavy, etc.) but Rock is the theme we're going for, preferably with 2 loops. Character Roster as is (Subject to addition) [Mainstays] Mega Man, Proto Man, Bass, Roll, Duo, Rush [MM1] Cut Man, Elec Man, Ice Man, Fire Man [MM2] Air Man, Crash Man, Metal Man, Wood Man, Heat Man [MM3] Snake Man, Magnet Man [MM4] Skull Man, Toad Man [MM5] Dark Man [MM8] Tengu Man [bosses] Dr. Wily, Yellow Devil [Training Stage] Dr. Wily's Arena We'll have a two-character demo available this weekend so you can see how it will come together if you're interested in seeing it in action.
  6. Wow, as a huge prodigy fan myself, my Fav eras are "Experience" and now. "Jilted", "Fat", and "Outnumbered" have there moments, but I'm really feeling the new album as much as the first. This is like the best of both. Can't wait to hear the finished product.
  7. Thanks Tragso for chiming in. Tragso is one of our core team members at our site. Yes, CAPCOM has stated to the mugen community in writting that they recognize MUGEN works related to their IPs to be fanart so long as no profit is to be made, and believe us we don't intend to. I would be the contact on this junction. Like Oinkness mentioned, the goal is not to sift through the back-catalog of music from other here and other places, but rather to create a unique soundtrack. Of course they'd be remixes of the robot masters themes, but they'd be new to everyone, and also stylized with the purpose of being used in a game. Again, still plenty of time to decide since we're still early in development, but I do want to reassure that this project will not be dropped. Our Flagship project "Super Marvel vs Capcom: Eternity of Heroes" is proof that we don't start something we don't intend to finish.
  8. Hi, I'm G Lux, a global moderator at Infinity Mugen Team forum. We're in the process of working out our flagship project "Super Marvel vs Capcom: Eternity of Heroes (S:MvC)" and are now finally ready to reveal what we're up too next. If you ever happened to get to play S:MvC, thanks first of all, but you'll have noticed there's a fairly decent amount of megaman characters in the roster. Well, we're taking it the the next level. Here's a sneek peak at the new project in the works. But wait, why post this in a musically directed forum? That's where the proposition parts comes into play. We like Megaman right? Well I especially love Megaman and I wanted to try to get something special for this project. I would like to ask the talented community here at OCR if they would be collectively interested in providing the soundtrack for this project. I think that what you guys did for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix was outstanding would be totally honored if you would bring that same level of awesome to this, but I didn't want to start a project thread if there wasn't going to be any backing behind it. We're currently working out to confirm the roster and still very early in the development stages so there's no need to rush a reply, I just wanted to get the word out to all of you to see if it would be something you would be interested in.
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