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  1. From my personal website: VictoryPit Community Night for November 6, 2015
  2. Big update incoming tonight. Lots of crazy tenative changes. New taunts and maps and whatnot, too. Apparently OCR beat the curve this time. Snowplow, Suijin, and Borneo are all maps we've had featured on the server. If you haven't tried them before, be sure to soon! I'll try to be on tonight to play the update, but it might be a little later. I have scrims tonight.
  3. Come join us for community tf2 night Connect info and more, here!.
  4. Join the OCR gaming community in Friday Night TF2 on our very own server! Find us at IP
  5. Darkesword, that's most likely left in the best interest of either myself or Bahamut. I do the weekly scheduling, so it may work best for me to have the ability to do so. Also, as an unrelated note, Aero got a pleasant surprise from us!
  6. http://www.twitch.tv/gamemaster1379 Games, mostly TF2. I do a lot of competitive UGC HL stuff.
  7. Due to a complication with random users coming in harassing various channels, a password has been implemented for the Mumble server. Any registered users who have connected in the past should not need to put in a password and can connect with no problems. This password implementation is not meant to keep out anyone within the community, but instead as a means to stop outside harassment. If you wish to make use of the server, or invite friends to it, simply ask myself (Gamemaster1379) or SuperDSombrero for the password for the server. Anybody with the password is free to distribute it to others. It's not meant to be a strict validation policy.
  8. Thank you for an absolutely amazing first TF2 Night everyone! Everyone had a great time and turnout was amazing. I'd say we had at least 50-75 people show up throughout the course of the night, and we ran for almost four hours. See you all next week!
  9. Given a lot of feedback, some people may have work or other obligations, and starting later means less time for them. Also, if expected turnouts are accurate, it may help to disperse early people out who may be a bit tired for later people to transition in. We may very well have over 24 people.
  10. 1/30 FridayNight TF2! It's official, night one has been scheduled! Be sure to come on by if you can! 830 ET/730 CT/630 MT/530 PT I know it may be earlier for some of you, but we're still playing with what times we think will be best for everyone. Also keep in mind, people will be coming and going all throughout, so be sure to check in with us later on, too!
  11. A special congratulations to our OCR Highlander team (#Town). Last night was night one of the new season and they won. Additionally, I have recently made a post on the OCRTF2 group about a possible revival of weekly TF2 nights. Be sure to read it! Link
  12. As a heads up, the mumble server is currently down due to a server DDoS attack. I can't give an ETA of when it'll be up, but I am aware of the situation.
  13. I'd totally be up for it. Just a heads up, I sent quite a few invites out the OCR TF2 Steam Group. If you didn't get an invite, be sure to join in, and invite anybody else you think may be up for some fun times. I'll try to talk to Baha about getting a few more admins in the group so we can schedule events and send out (like Prophunt) By the way, a long time ago we used to hold pick-up games (scrims) within the OCR community, but that fell out sometime ago. If you guys would like, I could help with setting up some scrims again if any of you would like to try your hand at some friendly community competition (it would likely be 4v4 or 6v6, because HL is fun and all, but to get 18 people together is a bitch). My vote is for 4v4, it's a new format, nobody is very experienced, and is easy to get together. But I'll leave it up to all of you, if anyone is interested.
  14. 7) Buschchchchchchchchchchchchchcchch
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