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  1. From the start, the mixing just doesn't sound right. As mentioned, it sounds very compressed and muddy, but not due to trying to push the loudness envelope. I think some of the low end (on bass/rhythm guitars probably) is being pushed way too high and triggering the compressor really hard. Reigning this in with a mixing pass may improve the clarity a lot. As mentioned above, I'd like to hear better merging of the two themes instead of just essentially pasting them together in the track. On the other hand, I really like the performances and arrangement. Themes are very clearly represented throughout. Harmony notes at 1:48 & 1:56 sound a half-step too low or something. There's also some questionable notes around 2:11. Tons of potential here, but I don't think it's ready yet. NO resubmit, please
  2. Big fan of the Tekken series and it's music from back in the day. Very cool to see it here. In general, it sounds like like you chose to keep a similar style and instrumentation to the original. Really LOVED how you changed it up at :52 & 1:41. Great energy there; these two really take the arrangement side over the top for me, as this is when you take the track in a new direction from the original, while still incorporating the backing synth riff from :17 in the OST. I have to agree with Jive on the crowded mixing, but I think I'd even take it a step further and say that I feel there are mixing issues throughout. The kick is taking up a ton of freq room, top to bottom. The bass synths are taking up most of the rest. When the two drop sections hit, it just exacerbates the situation with additional instrumentation causing even more overcrowding. You can hear it when you compare the drums here to elsewhere in the mix: lots of the low end gets squashed out and you get mainly the high-end click of the kick and a overcompressed snare coming through. I will say, the synths and guitar sound great. Energy is great. I'm good on arrangement. I think this one is very close and I'd be on board with another clearer mixing pass. NO (borderline), resubmit please
  3. Yeah, this has the somewhat odd issue of being pretty quiet overall, while also getting distortion from audio levels being pushed too hard. From my experience, this is usually due to either missing or insufficient compression or specific instruments hitting the compressor too hard. Based on hearing some low-end rumbling during these points, it's possible the remixer boosted sub-bass/bass frequency EQ and maybe added reverb on the percussion, which is inaudibly overloading the compressor. However, looking at the waveform, it looks like there's a brickwall limiter triggering at -2dB, and it's being pushed pretty hard in the more intense sections. If this is the only compression on the track, that could also explain the issue. Ideally, you should be able to improve the mixing to get the parts more balanced, get the percussion levels under control with compression, and moderately boost the levels of the entire track, while eliminating all audible compression artifacts or distortion. Beyond that, the instrument samples themselves sound great, but the many of the writing consists notes without velocity/timbre changes. Some dramatic swells on the sustained notes, variation on the stabs could go a really long way here. Liking the energy here, this definitely has potential. NO, resubmit, please
  4. I think short mixes can work, as long as there has been enough arrangement work to personalize it. That said, sub 2 mins is VERY brief, so IMO it's going to need to check a lot of boxes really quickly. Performances sound really good. The leads are oddly quiet compared to the rhythm guitars. They're audible, but definitely feel like they should cut though more. Some minor mixing tweaks would be an easy fix there. Super nitpicky me feels like the snare is a bit overcompressed, making it sound kind of tiny and squashed, but that could be personal preference. First run through of the melody is pretty close to the original writing, though the second go takes more liberties with writing. From 1:30 on is simply atonal guitar chugs and drums over the background synth sequence, which honestly felt like a really big letdown after all of the energy and cool performances prior. I guess I have an opposite opinion than Jive in that respect, because it doesn't really come off as much creative arrangement to me and more trying to quickly wrap up the track with basic, repetitive writing. The fact that this takes up a full 25% of the track is really not helping on the arrangement front IMO. Hope I'm not coming off as too tough on this one. I can see both sides on this, but for me it's not quite enough to push it over. NO resubmit, please
  5. OK, also coming in fresh here. Liking the intro synths. Drums sound very repetitive & stilted sounding for much of the track. They could also use some more punch to stand up against the louder section. Before that section, it was a pretty cool retro-ish synth take with all the delay in there reminding me of some of Alexander Brandon's work. I'm really not sure about the 1:12 section, honestly. The synthy guitar really overpowers everything, especially the drums, which get just about completely buried. It kind of just sounds like a mess, both mixing wise and guitar writing (I'm really sorry to say ). The 1:49 transition/slow down sounded awkward. I feel like it's in the unhappy medium between a quick, dramatic drop-off and a more gradual slowdown. The later speed-up hit more on the gradual side and sounds ok. This came off a very cover-ish for the first almost two minutes. Honestly, it almost felt like the track didn't truly start until the violin section, which I actually found to be by far my favorite portion of the track. It's super chill with an interesting take on the original. I kind of wish the whole song was this style, or maybe a combination of this and the chill delayed synths towards the beginning. I was a bit disappointed when it ended and we got a retread of the original synthy parts with some additional elements added in. Ending felt unfinished as it's mainly just elements dropping out with a drum fill. This has a lot of potential, and I will reiterate how much I actually really love the middle violin section, but I think it's all being dragged down by mixing, drums, & the synth guitar sections. NO (resubmit)
  6. I really love the ideas you've brought to this. Great arrangement, lots of energy. Performances sound really good with plenty of little touches added. Progresses really well from section to section, keeping it interesting. I will echo 100% the issues with the track pushing the levels way too hard. It's hard to bring this many elements to the energy level you while keeping a clean sound, but it is possible. This needs a complete rework on the mixing/mastering side, making sure to avoid clipping & squashing things with a compressor. Also agree with Rexy's take on the notes on the 2:51, as it definitely was not clicking together correctly note-wise (and thanks to her for the specific note callout making it easier to fix). Sweet track, just needs production love. NO (resubmit)
  7. I'm not sure how to fully elaborate on what Larry & Rexy are hearing, but overall, each of the elements to me sounds dry, upfront, and without much nuance to the synth patches. The melody line specifically stays right in your face for a really large portion of the track - basically, the majority of the second half of the song stayed in the same gear, with the same instruments, lead, etc (even when the track changes to the B section of the original or into your original writing) until the outro starts at 3:06. It honestly gives me the impression of being the background music for a mobile version of the game that isn't necessarily trying to present a standalone track. I liked how you started to take 1:30 in an alternate direction, with some original writing playing around the original melody. I'm not 100% sure all the notes gelled with the chord structure at 1:56, but it seems to work overall. I don't mean to be too negative on this one and it's entirely possible I'm being too critical with the above, but I really would like to hear a bit more development of the soundscape to give some contrast between major sections beyond just the subtractive breakdown in the middle. You've got a really solid base here and I'd really like to hear it come back. NO resubmit, please
  8. Nice powerful, yet clean sound through the intro. The 1:30 beat is pretty sick, I like that section a lot. Melody use is pretty straightforward, but I think it works here. I really only have an issue (like the other J's) that the melody feels a bit overpowered by the other elements. I will also say, though, that it never was to the point where it became inaudible, nor the notes unclear to me. I think it would service the track better if it were upfront (and I'd certainly like to give the mixer the opportunity to do so), but I think I can live with it as is if necessary. YES (borderline, melody levels)
  9. I was having trouble articulating my thoughts, but I think proph really articulated most of what I was hearing. To add to his thoughts, I felt like the drums were underwhelming, both in production and writing. They're very repetitive save the occasional basic fill. The drum samples themselves, while not great, do work OK for the most part in context, except the kick, which has almost no presence. I'd drop the ride/hihat/cymbal levels as it sticks out a lot and adds to the repetition for the second half. Not to sound too negative, I like the arrangement, if indeed it is a bit straightforward - more so in the first half IMO, it shows a good amount of creativity. However, I feel like this needs more work than just levels to get it up to par. NO resubmit, please
  10. I love me some old school Star Fox music. I used to listen to the Asteroid theme from the SNES game on loop while studying. So, years ago I tried my hand at a few short sources, but I can't remember ever trying something so basic as this. Very interested in where you're going with it. So, Jivemaster basically nailed my thoughts with this one. The performance is excellent. You've managed to both anchor this well to the original, while somehow keeping fresh ideas flowing throughout. I legit thought we were going into the Star Wars credits at 2:26 (which would probably not have been a good idea :). I agree with the comments about the low-heavy EQ, but I wouldn't go as far as to make it a conditional vote. Impressive track here for sure. YES
  11. Wow, this is definitely a difficult style to pull off. I don't think I'd ever be brave enough to try something like this with the vocals so exposed. I think overall, the vocal performance is well executed- though it may have some points of improvement in the performance pointed out above, which is outside of my wheelhouse. I did notice several instances of slight popping when the vocals were playing, which may indicate an issue with the recording setup. Other than that, I'm never in doubt of what is being remixed here throughout, though definitely exhibiting your own style. The minimalist instrumentation works, mainly I think because of the interest brought from the vocal performance. I won't beat a dead horse on the volume, so fix that up! YES edit: volume fixed, switched to yes
  12. Chimp really nailed my feelings on this track. I'm especially nodding my head at the crits on the levels/compression (I just judged a track with similar issues). I think this would be served so much better by backing off the levels a bit and letting your instruments/synths breathe a bit so we get better presence & tone out each of them. I also agree that 2:43-3:26 felt longer than it needed to be. Maybe I'm missing some subtle changes, but the last run through on the main melody felt like just a retread of what we've already heard in the beginning half, so it would be nice (though not necessary) to bring something else/different to differentiate it from the beginning. It may not be the most creative take on Mute City, but the arrangement is solid and there are good, creative ideas on display here. I think this is close. I'd probably go for it even if just the levels/compression were toned down a bit. Keep at it! NO (borderline) resubmit, please
  13. Sick OST, love it. So, I'm falling in the camp of the levels being overly high for me. Not just because it's loud compared to other tracks (and thus, I had to turn down my volume), but I definitely can tell there's a loss of audio quailty/fidelity from overcompression. Drums sound more slappy, without much mid/mid-low body to them. You can hear pumping on parts like the string runs on transitions. Listen to the synths at :55, how they get squashed because it's just pushing the levels too hard. This happens throughout the track and it detracts from my listening experience. I felt the sound design was quite good, so I don't really get the vanilla complains. I will agree, though, that theres a bit too much copy/paste going on and think there's more room for development & creativity. Love the energy you brought, though, and the connection to the original is clear. Track just kind of... ends, barely even a fadeout, just like "we're done now" type of thing. It honestly felt lazy compared to the amount of work that clearly went into this. I think this is ALMOST there. I honestly really like your track, I just think some tightening on both production and some additional development will easily push this one over the bar for me. NO resubmit, please
  14. Very creative use of instrumentation and weaving in counter points along with the melodic lines, while keeping the connections to the original quite clear. Maybe it's my listening setup, but while this is somewhat the quiet side, what bothered me more is it feels imbalanced. Some of the backing sustained instruments and choir (even some percussion) tend to be on the louder side compared to the instruments carrying the melody. See places like 1:40, 1:55 where the track gets more crowded and the various elements start competing for space. In the last minute or so, the Timpani(?) gets overly loud (or just too boomy in the low end), which is especially apparent near the very end as it dies down. I'll echo Larry that the choir sounded fakey with the rigid sequencing.in some places, like 3:11. It kind of comes out of nowhere there and sounds like the notes are clashing with the rest of the orchestra. Fortunately it was pretty short as it was pretty jarring to me as a listener. Additional possible wrong notes :55-1:08, 1:18, 3:49, & 4:06, though I may be able to be persuaded at least some of these are intentional. I can see the points mentioned about repetition. I felt like there was enough dynamic and instrumental contrast to prevent it from being too egregious for me, though there's room to vary up some of the core elements further for a 5+ minute track. I think some tightening up on the mastering and balance as well as some sequencing improvements could give this a nice boost over the bar for me. NO resubmit, please
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