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  1. Most of the other things I've wanted to take note of have been addressed already, however, one such thing is the inclusion of this plugin. http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=161320 It is a must. There are hackers that blow VAC out their ass and go about wreaking havoc on servers, avoiding user prompted kicks due to constant name changes. This plugin is a way to shut them down and make them manageable by self elimination.
  2. Sombrero is correct, the hitboxes do not change--and the character will return to idle position by the end of the taunt--meaning that you have a standstill target to prep headshotting like most other taunts.
  3. Correct. If I were to even figure out HOW to modify these new taunt animations to kill--I would be looking as a nice VAC ban. As far as the animations go for moving the head--I know mine aren't the only ones that are victim to this. Not much that I can do about it. I didn't animate them.
  4. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Gamemaster1379/ Here's my ID for the private group invite. ALSO, for all of you who are not aware, I just released version 1.3 of my taunt modification. It now includes custom animations. You can take a look at it here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxoVtBSSQBs
  5. Yeah, VTFEdit. Just load them into it (just vtf, you don't need the vmts) and extract them.
  6. Derp, I was linking to the wrong topic. Now it's the right one.
  7. For anybody interested, I made a full set of backgrounds for TF2. Every (unique) map is included, I posted a topic about it over at the Steam forums. There's a download included, so you all ought to check it out and give it a spin. http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2053387
  8. Unfortunately not, but yeah, Sir Prize's and my video have a chance still.
  9. Yeah. Well anyway, I have a second version that's up and going now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8s6d6PoCFHU It's a pretty steady version--but the problem is...I need some communities and servers to test it. I don't know if you guys would be up for that or not.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTldV60W9QQ If I'm lucky, maybe Valve will eventually accept this one too.
  11. Somebody had mentioned that I ought to show my videos here in the OCR Tf2 topic, so why the Hell not? Here's a quick 39 second video of me playing through Test Chamber 8 of Portal as Engineer. Alternatively, here is Sir Prize and myself shenaniganificating it up on Gold Rush as a pro duo. For any others, just check out my channel and all that. I have quite a few other fungineering vids. (If this isn't allowed in the topic, just remove the post. I have no intent of "whoring" views if this is what it's assumed to be.)
  12. Yeah, I'll try to do so XeroZohar...Also, Darke--I am not a regular user of this forum. Could you link or explain to me precisely where it is you're expecting me to post at? I'm only familiar with the general forum/sub-forum construction.
  13. Alright, I'll make a topic for it then.
  14. Theoretically, this is possible by current modification means. However, I don't have time to fulfill every request out there by all people. I can do it for you if you wish, but it's going to take a while unless I get....incentive.
  15. I sent IJ the v1.1 game files. Hopefully he'll be using this one for the game.
  16. In fact, it should be improved. I took off the move speed penalty--you're just more obligated to use the Skullcutter now. No quick pipes. You know what they say about people who assume, Powelord. My intent was to create a whole new gamestyle. Not the same game with a few tweaks here and there. Their counterparts are perfectly fine, I agree. The intent wasn't to fix what's broken, it's to be totally new. Well, it is nice to have input to improve upon this--though I think the method of going about it could be...improved. This is likely best said on the server and not this topic. Reading something and experiencing it are two different things. That's the spirit! And yeah, to the "pros" who have it boiled down to a science, it's nice to throw them for a loop while having a new and enjoyable experience. Aeronaut hit the nail on the head for the most part with these modifications. The only thing is that as stated by Rambo, it is a bullet. There is a 10% bonus. Perhaps I mistyped in the update. I thought he always could. :U And Cinder, I had no input from anybody I asked about Scout. The only people who had input were two Scoot haters--of course he isn't going to benefit! :U This isn't a final mod, however. Suggest some changes and they may very well be implemented Again, not a final mod, it may change. Additionally, it seemed like a better alternative to Jarate---and in fact, it's ultimately weaker. No ~450 headshots. It's ultimately weaker in theory. It seemed like a good idea too until....Lumpy used it. Yeah, you did. It wasn't MEANT to be a full party--but it ended up being one in no time flat....Oops!
  17. Oh what the Hell, I'll go ahead and post it. I'd like for it to stay around this community only though, if you all don't mind.
  18. Nah, that'd be scoot. I simply obligated Demoman to either DemoMAN or DemoKNIGHT.
  19. Sure....it may take a while, however!I'd kind of hoped to keep it a secret until gametime--maybe I'll do a few.
  21. Hey all. I'm sure some of you heard of that project I was working on that involved the whole modification of weapon attributes to attempt to create a new and (hopefully) balanced TF2 game. I'll probably be running it on IJ's server when I have it going...However, no fun hosting a mod when there's nobody to come and test it. If I could get an event up and running--would any of you be interested in attending?
  22. Yeah, that's the health mod. It's listed somewhere else by itself and not in a pack.
  23. You both shall pray for mercy from Lil' Poof Bastard and how his fire solves all!
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