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  1. Jill's totally right, if I heard this walking around Peabody I wouldn't have even questioned it. A fantastic track, keep playing that guitar.
  2. So all we have to do is use the link, say, at the top of this thread, and it works? Because I just ordered an Apogee Duet, and made sure I went through the OCR link, but it gives no confirmation on whether or not it works. Is there anyway to know, other than DJP looking at the list and seeing if it got ordered or not?
  3. Loving the sounds still. First off, I think you're clipping once the violin comes in. Watch your levels, and make sure there's no distortion anywhere. That really pulled me out of the middle east, which was where I was happily sitting. I liked how it was simply drone and a mindless sitar, you get comfortable with that, and then you realize the drone in the low strings is playing the Corneria chords. That was cool. As for pressing onward, I'd say have the sitar do a sort of solo on top of the chords, or have the sitar provide the chords even. I felt like the mix was coming down a little, and was backing off at where you left off, so something lighter with less instruments will be good next. Listening again, I'd say just the sitar and bongos, and maybe some backing stuff. Up to you, though. As for instruments, the violin sounded fine to me, it is a bit forward though. Put it in the same space as the low strings and I think it will fit much better. I can't hear a flute here at all, honestly, it would seem out of place with the strings (I could be proven wrong, though). Same with a drum kit, I would stick to middle eastern instruments here. So no high hat, but maybe finger cymbals? Tambourine might work, too, but I think finger cymbals would be best. Play with some percussion and see what you like, and how it fits into the mix. See if any of that helps!
  4. Nice work! I think it needs two things. First, is an ending. The one I got just kind of stopped. That should be easy to fix, based on what you've done with the rest of it. Secondly, there's a hole in the middle of the mix. I think all you would need to do is give more attack to the bass, and bring it up in the mix just a touch. I wasn't feeling the bass as much as I'd like, and I think a little more would fill out the mix nicely. So either just beef up the present sound so it has an actual attack to it, or perhaps find a different sound for the bass, but it needs something more. It sounds really nice overall, though!
  5. Definitely a good start! From what I'm hearing, this all sounds like an intro. At the final hit, where you leave off, you might want to go into a driving rendition of the main theme. But that's just what I'm hearing. Some of the attacks in the synths need to be worked on, but that's been discussed already. I would say first work on fleshing out the arrangement first, and get yourself more material to work on. Oh, and bring up the piano, it can be quiet, but it doesn't have to be quite that soft. Good luck with this!
  6. Dude, that soundscape is pretty sweet. With that said, I'm honestly not hearing Corneria at all, except for the low string chords near the end of your track. I would suggest if you want to keep this section intact, you would want to put it after a round of the source. That should give it the direction and flow you are looking for. Then, with the Corneria chords you have at the end, lead back into a perhaps altered version of the source, where its similar but different. I like rig's idea of a phasor and some delays, at least on the drone. I'm personally not a flanger fan, because whenever I hear a flanger all I think is "oh its a flanger, that's nice" but that's just me. Oh, and get a better kick drum, this one almost sounds like you stole it from a dance kit. Basically, I dont' feel like it belongs with the rest of the sounds. That was my only arrangement complaint, though. Otherwise, get some source in there and this could be awesome!
  7. Ok, small changes this time. The levels should be fairly finalized now, and neblixsaber, I changed one of the synths. Just one, though, as I am quite fond of most of them. I did bring the metal noise down a bit, as suggested, as well as extended the ending out. I didn't realize it cut off so quick. I've also made sure the file meets OCReMix parameters for submission this time. Barring any huge criticisms, this might be the final version!
  8. Updated slightly! The metal noises are back, and I think to stay. However, they don't dominate the intro like they used to. Speaking of the intro, I've now slowed it up and fine tuned it. It sounds like an intro now! Sorry Doug, but I haven't been able to find a better snare sound yet. Otherwise, I'm actually fairly satisfied with this. Any chance of it being accepted?
  9. Doug! I'm around, I've been here since mid-June. So just let me know when you can get back and we can fix up that snare. I can explain a compressor to you, if you like, even. My problem is, I know what it does, but don't have any idea what sounds good besides playing with the settings and using my ears. The kick and snare actually already have a compressor and some EQ on them, but you probably have a better idea what to do with them than I do. My nice shiny Logic bundle should be here tomorrow (I was hoping today, but no luck there), and with it I'll be getting about half a ton of instruments and such to work with (literally, Apple says over 1000 instruments in this version) so I'll have much more to work with, but it also won't hurt to check out these third party plug-ins too. I'll take a look around for some different sounding synths and samples. I had the same thought on the metal sounds, once I took them out, I missed them. It kind of feels like a hole is in the mix now that they're gone. I'll see if I can figure out a way to get them back in in some form. I did like them... As for panning, extreme pannings don't bother me as much as it does most people it seems. I'll see what I can do to compromise though. So yeah, let me know when you're here and available, I'm working all of Tuesday, and Thursday morning, but otherwise I'm pretty free.
  10. No worries, no offense is taken on this. Sorry for the show-offy bit, I didn't mean to, I was trying to explain what I was trying to do with the music, and offer a correction. Yeah, I guess it was a bit show-offy. Sorry. As for the section, I don't think I'm gonna change it. I like it, and I think it fits fine. However, your opinion is also fine, and is welcome to be voiced. [Edit] *Sigh* Grammar hates me some days.
  11. Whoops, don't know how clipping got through my listening. I'll have a fresh version without clipping up shortly. As for the piano part, its not a minor scale, its an octatonic scale. And it ain't budging, I like it. Sounds cool and gives a nice tonal ambiguity. Did you notice that when the main theme comes in again in the second big section, it has gone up a half step to C# minor? Yeah, cool stuff. As for the synths, I'm working off of Logic 7 Express. However, Logic 9 Pro is in the mail and I'm really hoping it shows up tomorrow, so I should have access to some much better synths and samples then.
  12. So I took a lot of what you guys said into consideration, and here's my updated mix. Major changes are the complete removal of the metal noises, and a completely reworked drum track. A few extra high bell parts are in there as well, to keep the ice cave feeling up, although during the bigger sections I let the main theme do that job. Let me know what you guys think now! I'll put the new version in the first post.
  13. Here's what I'm working on, I took the Phendrana Drifts theme and added some counterpoint as well as some interesting (I think) reworking of some of the melodies. This version is fairly complete, I've updated one of the synths and done a lot of tweaking with balance and levels, as well as limiting the entire track to avoid clipping. I also realize how much I hate mp3. This sounds next to nothing like the source, but that's a rant for another time. [Edit] Updated the link to give the current version of the ReMix (now without clipping!!). Also it has a cool banner because I copied the text properly this time from tindeck.
  14. I'm definitely on board for Logic 9. I've been in dire need of an upgrade, as I've been working off of Logic Express 7. It gets me through, but this will be muuuuch better. I'll update once I get ahold of it and test out all the new guitar stuff. Although I won't be able to compare it to Guitar Rig on my own, considering I don't have it.
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