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  1. I loled when I saw it was the music from the galaxy map. All of my roommates and I systematically beat mass effect and mass effect 2 all at the same time, so anywhere you went in our house you could here the damn galaxy map song over and over and over... Too bad this wasn't playing instead, I really dig it. The end of the intro at 1:08 is fantastic :D I love long build-ups, great work!

  2. How about simply tagging the file? So that after you download it you can sort your play lists according to genre. I realize I can do it myself (and I'm trying lol) ...it's just tough now that I'm 500 ish songs into OCremix ^_^

    For those songs that don't fit, simply leave as Game Remix, because I see that as a perfectly acceptable genre in itself.

  3. Two very similar, very awesome games. They both have some great beats and I was fairly surprised there weren't any remixes out for them already (besides forest fire, which is really good :D)

    I couldn't find any streams for Strike Gunner...Odd I thought it was fairly popular. But after a bit of digging I did find some downloads, so if you'd like them shoot me an email. In the mean time, here are some youtube vids ;)

    The main theme of strike gunner ... makes up 3/8ths of all the songs in the game, it's great :D

    HOLY CRAP WALLS! ^_^ I love this song it's perfect for the situation

    For U.N. Squadron, Project 64 is especially good


    You could probably do something pretty crazy with Canyon


    And Desert has and awesome beat to it


    Anyways thanks for looking, once again if you want better quality files shoot me an email :) I would love to get into remixing myself but as a third year Aerospace Engineering major (don't tell me you didn't guess! I guess these games had a larger effect on me than just entertainment!) I just don't have the time. In fact, I'm writing this at 1:40 a.m. the night (morning?) before a final and the day before I have a design review with Northrop Grumman....Cheers!

  4. I usually don't post because all I know about remixes is what I like ... and everyone has their own opinion ;) but I had to share my experience with this song.

    I downloaded it last night while I was studying for my final and it was the last thing I listened to before I started my exam ... I had the song going through my head for the whole two hours and it kept me focused the entire time :D Everytime I didn't know what to do I would sit back and this song would run through my head and I'd figure it out.

    Thanks for a great song and for the help in thermo ^_^

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