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  1. At 1:33 I can't help but break out "Raindrops on roses and wiskers on kittens!" GOOOOULET
  2. Contest entry conditions are too difficult, I won't do it. I have all the black mages, original soundtracks from FF tactics, VII, VIII, and X, and 142 FF remixes I commonly listen to, but this is just too much effort.
  3. O_o I feel like I've missed out on so much not having known about the cynic project. I feel like it was made just for me ... Thank you sir, I am whole.
  4. DJP, you make my day, half the fun is reading your write ups. Vurez, this is a great mix, totally different, I love it. The music video made me lol several times. If i could say more I would, great job - Imma gonna play some mario now
  5. Ahhhh my very favorite FF song! And from the artist that shares my last name no less! Keep up the good work long-lost brother!
  6. epic song. if I loved it any more I'd probably have to marry it because of all the bastard kids i'd have with it.
  7. I loled when I saw it was the music from the galaxy map. All of my roommates and I systematically beat mass effect and mass effect 2 all at the same time, so anywhere you went in our house you could here the damn galaxy map song over and over and over... Too bad this wasn't playing instead, I really dig it. The end of the intro at 1:08 is fantastic I love long build-ups, great work!
  8. I had hit play and went back to writing a paper and moments later I look up: "What the Nazgûl??" I had to double check what game this was from lol. I love the low repeating tone, like an intruder alarm. Makes me think of base under attack from Nazgûl
  9. I freakin' love the solo at 2:30. This is my favorite ice cap zone mix I don't care if there are a ton of em, I love em all. Great work!
  10. Heh, I thought the same thing. For the first couple seconds I was sure it was Wild Horses (kinda lost it when the piano came in though)
  11. I love this piece, that opening sequence always got me amped to play Perfectly executed, I love the waxing and waning of the volume throughout, it really draws you in. Excellent study / relaxation music
  12. ZOMG my boxors have been roxored!!1! Great stuff
  13. This came on my ipod while I was walking along the beach the other day. The way the atmosphere of the music along with the beauty of the ocean and the feel of the sand all came together ... I'm fairly certain I'll remember that moment forever. Terrific song.
  14. You have no idea how much rhythmic gesticulation is going on right now Great job
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