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  1. great! thanks! (lol i was wondering how the hell it didnt sounded stereo) anyway, i also noticed a lack of bass sessions here, i may change up this and be finishing this in the next week
  2. ***Also, some problems with the strings and overall polishment are needed after the first chorus
  3. Heres it: http://ocrwip.fireslash.net/?fid=1290 Source: Im trying a more classical rendition of this song, I gues that guitar wold be cool and new. Since i cant play guitar, i had to improvise. i want to know if i should do something else on the track so far, and also ideas and suggestions about other parts if possible. (also if someone that could play this guitar track would be nice)
  4. After almost a year i decided starting this all over again... this time with a better sound and taking some tips gave on the old version, basically, this is the nearby-final version, it just needs mastering and a decent ending.. and some other nuances to classify this as a remix... http://soundcloud.com/lucasflicky/megaman-zero-straight-ahead
  5. original (duhh..) http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=chemical+plant&aq=f my ver http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/326954 as ealways... i need some constructive critique on this, i think its a bit noisy, but there are more things that i should change here?
  6. Original My version http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/326957 i'm a really n00b on creating solos, i worked hard trying to fit this on a hearable quality, i need to know more things to pu in or take out here
  7. guy... thats simply ALL I NEEDED TO HEAR, and i think thare still things you dont said XD but i come to OCR simply 'cause i every heard that my audo always was kinda "blurry" near the others, and never knew what i was really making wrong, you helped me alot, just on the part of the drums i'm still a bit confused, but i think i can find me out over here
  8. I love this game's ST, i made the final stage music and im planning to make more two, but before i'll try asking if someone can make it, since i'm still newbie with FLStudio.... the songs i would like to hear are "Stage 5" and "Opening"
  9. http://lucasflicky.deviantart.com/art/Chrono-Trigger-Opening-Theme-152233028 I was arround 1~2 years using Melody Assistant as Music workstation that crap's sound sucks , now i'm starting on FLStudio, i know some some things are messed up there, but there are some minimal details that I forget, i need to know all what i'm making wrong. that's it, sorry using dA
  10. the song you want is "Pyramids of Peril" i love this song and im planning to do it but i have no idea of how start XD i did a remix of "Sky Dragon Castle" but i was bombet with NO's here... i hope someone else try to make some of KC
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