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  1. Very eerie and atmospheric. Reminded me of some BGM from Saint Seiya, if you know what I mean.
  2. Hi there, Here's my last work It is a remix from "China Town" in Super Shinobi/Revenge of Shinobi on MegaDrive/Genesis by Yuzo Koshiro. It is short because it is meant for a video that will be produced by a friend. Please let me know what you think of it, to see if it is worth expanding into a longer piece. Thank you Edit: I forgot the source, here it is
  3. Thank you both for your precisions. I choose this sample on purpose because I knew that there would be crashes in succession, so I opted for a short tail. I did not knew that it could sound too unnatural.
  4. Thank you, Phonetic, I think you are right for the crashes, I will experiment with the pointers you gave me. Can you elaborate on what you mean about the oddness of the decay time ? As for the chord progression, even if mine is mainly different from the original, I tried to not drift away too much from the "staticness" of the original.
  5. Hi all, One of my last works, remixed from Castlevania II: Bloody Tears. I absolutely know that this piece was already remixed to death, but it was actually made for a friend’s video, and not meant to be submitted to OCR. But, hey you never know, and I am always curious to hear feedback from my fellow forumers/musicians here at OCR. As a reminder, here is a link to the original (NES and SNES): And here is my version: Hope you enjoy. Looking forward to your feedback. Thank you.
  6. OK great. I am working on a little something then, maybe not as repetitive as an arp. Another question if you do not mind. Any ideas on making my 'Ta-da's' subtler, as you suggested? For now, I just plan to make them less present by removing them at the end (and replacing them with the arp). Thank you again. It is very helpful to have other pairs of ears to evaluate your work.
  7. Thank you for your attention and feedback. They are most appreciated. You are right, the 'Ta-da's may get boring. I should have realized that as I personally HATE vocals in VG remixes But technically, they are not really vocals so... Anyway, I think I will cut them from the last bars or something. When you said 'arp', did you mean like the 'harp' instrument or an arpeggiated theme? Thank you again. And if anyone else got something to say, I am all ears
  8. Hi all, It's been a LONG time I did not post something here. Sorry for that... Anyway here is a piece I consider almost finished, but I am still not quite sure if it is good enough to be submitted. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. It is a piece from the Dreamcast classic Jet Set Radio/Jet Grind Radio: Electric Toothbrush by Toronto. As a reminder, here is a link to the original: And here is my version: Hope you enjoy. Looking forward to your feedback. Thank you.
  9. Wow Monobrow, just... thank you! You really did go into details, and i really thank you for your time. Plus when you said my song is 'all about layering', i got the wrong idea. I thought you talked about the 'vertical structure', i.e. the different layers (tracks), and not about the 'horizontal structure', i.e. the linear progression of the song. Thus your explanation was very helpful. As for this tune, i was just mimicking an existing one, from the 16 bits era. That explain the 'blocky' feeling. But that's no excuse, as i'm still afraid of breaking out of these 'rules' as a beginner. I will, eventually:lol: May i ask another thing? About 'selecting my samples', as you said i have a problem with that. Is there any 'common knowledge' or rule of thumb for this part? Are free samples always a bad choice compared to commercial ones? Thanks again
  10. @phantasia I use Cubase, but it seems all DAWs work in a similar way @Monobrow Thank you! That's exactly the kind of feedback i need. I still have a lot to learn As for the source material, you can hear it here if you want: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqLcakkeEuY A couple questions, if you can answer. -Can you briefly explain the generalities of how to get less 'blocky'? -When you say 'arpegiation', you mean the kind of effect produced by an 'arpegiator' right? Thanks again
  11. @Phantasia Thanks for the feedback. I take good note of your remarks, you're right, the whole thing is a bit too quiet. I tried hard so my volume doesn't clip but i think i went a bit overboard:lol: The squeeky synth, you mean the 'alarm sound' i guess? Ok, i will do something. As for your Metroid mix, i listened to it but i don't feel the 'right' to give feedback as i really am a 'baby musician' (only 6 months experience with this whole DAW thing). What do you think
  12. @Red Rum Thanks a lot. I also find the SoR 1 and 2 soundtracks fascinating, even if most of the tunes are 'ripoffs/homages' from other artists. (I guess everybody here know this stuff, but the similarities between these two pieces are just... welll... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GO14WFh1k-I http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0Mzr_A-Q0I ) @Esker Looking forward to hear from you. I don't have any good monitoring gear, just standard headphones and speakers. Thanks again
  13. Hey Esker, Thanks for your post! I know this is a remix community and i understand that it must be annoying to listen to the almost exact same tune as the original . But as i'm a beginner, i first want to focus more on the technical aspect of creation, leaving the artistic part for when i'm more confident. That's why i needed feedback on things like mixing, leveling, eq, effects, etc... I don't lose hope and i'm sure some people here will fight through laziness/boredom and give me some advice. Thanks !
  14. Hey, So, still no feedback... I guess my request was not really fitting here. So, anyone can point me toward another part of the forum where my work can be evaluated? Or maybe I am so beginner that I am beyond help? Looking forward to hear from the community. I don’t mind harsh words, as long as they are fair. Thanks again!
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