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  1. Same. I can almost guarantee I wouldn't be able to render ANY of my remixes anymore because of plugins I no longer have installed. I've completely rebuilt my production PC since my days of making remixes.
  2. Congrats guys! I might actually try to make and submit a track now.
  3. I forgot you guys have a Discord, I hang out there somewhat these days.
  4. Maybe if I start this in the summer I can have something by late December.
  5. Argle

    An Apology

    Wow, you came back after a decade to apologize for even older comments? I guarantee that no one but you even remembers any churlish comments you made, but if this was weighing on you then it's still good to apologize. We all mellow as we get older.
  6. Ugh damn guys I'm sorry for dropping the ball on this. I need to get back to this.
  7. I'm right there with you! I loved Secret of Evermore.
  8. Any DAW that's not expressly designed for electronic music/live performance. Specifically Reaper because it's very cheap.
  9. Damn I meant to get in on this, time just got away from me.
  10. I have something done and forgot to send it on Feb 4 but I'm glad you changed that cuz I sort of don't like sending partially completed tracks to people. It's just my own weird OCDness.
  11. You're completely out of control with your rule breaking.
  12. Hmm I hadn't considered that angle. Honestly I don't see a problem with it? I'd be interested to hear other peoples' takes though.
  13. That would only allow people who entered to vote for 2 tracks, though, right? We need a 4th entry!