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  1. Argle

    Tall Drinks...Taller Tales

    Would go really good in the Witcher series!
  2. Argle

    Zelda OoT has still the infamous chanting

    Wow I didn't even know this existed. It sounds so bizarre to be Zelda music.
  3. Argle

    Do You Still ReMix — Why Or Why Not?

    Damn you're old, and you're probably younger than me. I don't remix anymore but that's because I've been burnt out for years. Moving a few times, getting married, having to take care of my house and yard and stuff like that has all worked against my desire to sit down and create music. That said I actually don't care much anymore about whether I make original music or remixes, to me it's the enjoyment of creating something, and game remixing works just fine in that regard for me.
  4. I gotta get on this. I failed last year.
  5. Argle

    Video Game Addiction

    Lightweight. I'm up to 550 hours. Granted I don't think that's anywhere near accurate because it clocks any time I just walk away from the game and leave it running, which is very often. So I figure the true number is half or a third of that. Still though, it's like an MMO addiction without the monthly fee.
  6. Argle

    Fundraiser for bLiNd - lost all...

    Man this is horrible. Going to donate right now.
  7. Argle

    I need to know if this is normal...

    Man that's sad to hear someone as prolific and skilled as you say this. Self esteem issues are a bitch.
  8. Argle

    I need to know if this is normal...

    It sounds like your problem may not be that your music sucks, but that you suffer from Imposter Syndrome. I have struggled with this a lot in my life, and the way you describe your feelings in the OP are exactly the thoughts I have had. By all means try to improve your songwriting skills but that's probably not the underlying issue here.
  9. Argle

    Not cool bro panel.

    Interesting, I legit thought that everyone had kids and shit in the last year or two and bailed on this place.
  10. Argle

    Not cool bro panel.

    Is that where the forum community here has gone to?
  11. Argle

    PRC354 - In The Battle Area (Zelda 2)

    Damn, probably can't make that. Shame cuz I have a good idea for this....
  12. Argle

    PRC354 - In The Battle Area (Zelda 2)

    Is Aug 11 the original or extended date?