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  1. Damn I meant to get in on this, time just got away from me.
  2. I have something done and forgot to send it on Feb 4 but I'm glad you changed that cuz I sort of don't like sending partially completed tracks to people. It's just my own weird OCDness.
  3. You're completely out of control with your rule breaking.
  4. Hmm I hadn't considered that angle. Honestly I don't see a problem with it? I'd be interested to hear other peoples' takes though.
  5. That would only allow people who entered to vote for 2 tracks, though, right? We need a 4th entry!
  6. Mine's up! By my calculations this is my first finished game remix of any kind in like 4 years.
  7. I don't know what changes you made vs the original but I'm just going to use your MIDI for this.
  8. Nah, that's fine, it gives me a feel to work towards.
  9. Thanks! The way I'm reading the first post, you're looking for a relaxed vibe for this track?
  10. Oh I really like the Castle theme. Looks like it's available? I'd give it a go.
  11. Would go really good in the Witcher series!
  12. Wow I didn't even know this existed. It sounds so bizarre to be Zelda music.