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  1. Argle

    Video Game Addiction

    Lightweight. I'm up to 550 hours. Granted I don't think that's anywhere near accurate because it clocks any time I just walk away from the game and leave it running, which is very often. So I figure the true number is half or a third of that. Still though, it's like an MMO addiction without the monthly fee.
  2. Argle

    Fundraiser for bLiNd - lost all...

    Man this is horrible. Going to donate right now.
  3. Argle

    I need to know if this is normal...

    Man that's sad to hear someone as prolific and skilled as you say this. Self esteem issues are a bitch.
  4. Argle

    I need to know if this is normal...

    It sounds like your problem may not be that your music sucks, but that you suffer from Imposter Syndrome. I have struggled with this a lot in my life, and the way you describe your feelings in the OP are exactly the thoughts I have had. By all means try to improve your songwriting skills but that's probably not the underlying issue here.
  5. Argle

    Not cool bro panel.

    Interesting, I legit thought that everyone had kids and shit in the last year or two and bailed on this place.
  6. Argle

    Not cool bro panel.

    Is that where the forum community here has gone to?
  7. Argle

    PRC354 - In The Battle Area (Zelda 2)

    Damn, probably can't make that. Shame cuz I have a good idea for this....
  8. Argle

    PRC354 - In The Battle Area (Zelda 2)

    Is Aug 11 the original or extended date?
  9. Argle

    Has Anybody Here Quit Playing Video Games?

    Sentinels is awesome!
  10. Argle

    Has Anybody Here Quit Playing Video Games?

    I have for times, though I still play them. I'm 34 but I don't have kids, so I have a lot more free time available to me than a lot of people my age. Add to that I'm way past college, a sedentary fixture in my job, and have no life dramarama. Money spent on video games is not an issue for me (although I certainly wait until new games come down in price, ain't paying 60 bucks for a game). So the only thing competing for video game time are my daily responsibilities and any other hobby I might have. The way I see it if video games do not interfere with your responsibilities they are perfectly fine. If you are bored, or find yourself worrying about time spent on them, then by all means give em up for a while.
  11. Argle

    MnP 71: Circle of the Moon - Tower

    Uh, the MIDI is still a different song from the Youtube......
  12. Sorry for resurrecting this from the dead, but I really can relate to the feelings expressed here. Once I graduated from college and settled into a full-time job, having a naturally introverted personality I found it VERY hard to make new friends that had my interests. Meetup proved successful for me. Hope everyone here has had some success at this surprisingly difficult situation!
  13. Argle

    Can REAPER be used as a VST in FLS?

    No, it only has a basic synth and it's crappy.