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    Writes (in just abut every form and medium) and draws, and is also a physics fanatic. ReMixing is basically a hobby, done for both fun and a lack of "work" music. tends to talk fast and a lot, a side effect of being both Irish and a bit of a geek.
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  1. is anybody out there?

  2. I sat through the entire video except the last song thinking "this would be great, but there's no DnB, which would make this awesome..." *Cue DnB song* Sounds awesome. Will buy it at some point when my wifi will let me actually download things. Connection is slow as hell as it is...
  3. .... Ok.... I need this weekend's stuff to be done with, though....not letting me relax (i. e. Minecraft) that much...
  4. I need more money to donate to things.....there are many things I've been wanting to donate to, but I don't have the money to do so at the moment......
  5. Wasn't that the point of that whole name system? The Blues model was updated into the Rock and Roll idea?
  6. Even then, it's still missing a verb But whatever. Moving on.....
  7. I think you accidentally your verb.
  8. Oh, ok, that helps. (I don't really want much of the stuff to the side of the mountain, so I guess I'll just have to set up a peg system and connect the things or something......)
  9. Oh, cool! Awesome! Ok, so I set up a few towers to mark the corners of my claim so far, I just need to connect them to show the final border area.
  10. WOAH! Ok, clearly this is not the kind of server where you're limited to a 64x64 area. That makes things MUCH easier.
  11. So, how large is the average claim? I'm liking the area, but the lake in the center puts a lot of space between the forest edge and the mountain I'd want to grab as well. Just want to make sure I don't mark off an excessively large area compared to what everyone else has....
  12. Foresty, actually. That would be great. Thanks!
  13. It's okay, not many people are aware of the fact that he's now a Monstercat heavy-hitter. He probably HAS made a fair amount of money off of it, but a lot of his original stuff is where he makes his money (especially since he signed with Monstercat). Although you are probably correct in that he only puts some money into hype for it, so he's still making a large profit from a money-spent/money-made perspective. Plus, there's the hype factor. He's raising hype for the Zelda games by releasing the stuff. From Nintendo's viewpoint, he's advertising their games for free. Sure, he's making some money doing it, but not the same amount they're making off of the games. So for them, taking him down wouldn't even be that beneficial. In THIS case, though, Brad is drawing more people towards his music as opposed to the (*ahem*) "fashion" company, I guess, and since they aren't gigantic like Nintendo is, they want to get him off of their brand name. Not the same viewpoint. So it's a complex business thing. (I think...)
  14. Well, Ephixa doesn't make most of his money from his Zeldastep stuff. It's like yelling at the Brony musicians for using their remixes to make money. Doesn't cut into profit, creates hype for the products they're associated with, ends up as a thing they keep going so long as it doesn't get out of hand. This guy is obviously a small (very much so) business, and while he doesn't make music, having another brand with the same or similar name can hurt business. Especially with contention for not just the second spot on Google's search results, but the fourth one as well. So it's more of a fight here since this fashion company is not nearly the corporate giants that Hasbro and Nintendo are. IP becomes more of an issue. Again, not an expert, but there's my two cents....
  15. OH MY GOD THEY'RE SELLING BASTION WITH IT Must get this immediately. Like, NOW.
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