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    Hi... Since as long back as i can remember, i have loved video game music... for years and years browsed Vgmusic.com listening to midi tracks people had created, some of them wonderful, some horrible.

    When i got older i discovered video game remixing and was so enthralled by every piece of sound i heard through oc remix, and Vgmix.com

    To this day i still browse the music, always looking for new stuff. and always listening to the classics that will stay in my heart forever, as well as the games they belong to. Some of which are the first full fledged remixes i ever had heard.

    Zelda 64 pachelbel's ganon-DjPretzel

    Super Metroid Zebesian midnight-Vigalante

    were probably the first two i really recognized and continually listened to. since the days of playing the games and listening or listening to vgmusic.com

    my first piano was a casio. as all these piece of junk keyboards seem to do is have the plug and chord no longer work, i began to run on batteries. The casio to far to much energy and ran out in hours. But before it had broken i had really continuously played any song i loved to hear.
    The first of which of any, was Magus' theme from chrono trigger. I nearly nailed it on the spot. This was of course after my parents had found out that around age 10 i had a kind of knack for it. and to the day i still have not had solid lessons, though the ones i have had, have helped greatly. I eventually had the large middle sized casio inside my room, or at least for a while. and i learned Magus' theme by ear as i have almost all the pieces of music i play, even to this day.

    But now, im here. i play all kinds of music, i dont know nearly half of what there is to know about a piano even through 7 or 8 years of playing it. but i got around. and i stuck to what i loved, and ill never un-stick to it.

    (Sadly i had a much longer thing here, but it was cut short by character limit i suppose.)
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    Jean-Luc Thomas
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    Being Lazy, Making music, Drawing art, Loveing people, helping friends and strangers.

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  1. I just discovered you existed after downloading the sonic 3 and knuckles torrent.... You literally took my breath away through 2 entire tracks... most orchestral work tends to be very cluttered and messy, this was clean, perfection, and unbelievable in all respects.

    I actually shed a tear on that big final note in "The Secluded Stronghold" it sounds a bit silly but when music moves me, it moves me, and it carries me away.

    I really wish to know what you used to create this, i'm assuming EastWest Quantum leap stuff. I'm looking for whatever info i can get. how you recorded such quality, if there were any other instruments, and if you used any really instruments, if not all, it just sounds unbelievable.I haven't been this in love with a video game remix since the 15 minute long super metroid epic. sky sanctuary is one of my favorites.

    Thank you

    (it says something about you doing vocals, if so, can you suggest any good microphones.as well as all equipment (keyboard controllers, programs.)

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