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  1. I just discovered you existed after downloading the sonic 3 and knuckles torrent.... You literally took my breath away through 2 entire tracks... most orchestral work tends to be very cluttered and messy, this was clean, perfection, and unbelievable in all respects.

    I actually shed a tear on that big final note in "The Secluded Stronghold" it sounds a bit silly but when music moves me, it moves me, and it carries me away.

    I really wish to know what you used to create this, i'm assuming EastWest Quantum leap stuff. I'm looking for whatever info i can get. how you recorded such quality, if there were any other instruments, and if you used any really instruments, if not all, it just sounds unbelievable.I haven't been this in love with a video game remix since the 15 minute long super metroid epic. sky sanctuary is one of my favorites.

    Thank you

    (it says something about you doing vocals, if so, can you suggest any good microphones.as well as all equipment (keyboard controllers, programs.)

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