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  1. Decent remix. A bit messy instrumentation at times, and the song takes away the original atmosphere of the OST and makes it sound...robotic.
  2. Nice, another Phoenix Wright OCRemix. This is probably the best one yet, great job Digi-E!
  3. Wow, that remix is amazing! Haven't heard such a relaxing tune in a long time. Yeah, we need more remixes from Majora's Mask. Maybe Willrock07 could remix some songs! >.>
  4. I know that most Phoenix Wright fans don't like JFA, but I love it. Especially the soundtrack! The tracks and from JFA are very good candidates for remixes. I have been considering remixing these tracks myself, but I've left them as potential first time Phoenix Wright JFA remixes. I'm definitely going to remix the Objection theme from JFA in Famitracker though.It would be very cool if someone made a remix of this. If you are reading, thank you. Oh, Why haven't many Phoenix Wright songs been remixed on OCremix anyway?
  5. I saw this on Youtube, in my subscription box today. Really cool remix, 5/5 indeed.
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