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  1. If I was able to get a computer that could run Reason what should I do for a MIDI controller? I can spend $600 tops at the moment, but would prefer somewhere around $400. Or would a good controller still be out of my price range?
  2. I wasn't totally certain what genre I wanted to go into at first, but I've settled on orchestral because it's the most natural for my mind to think of. Anyways, What would you recommend in a arranger or workstation in my price range then? $500 max.
  3. Thanks everyone, firstly I wanted to say the reason I want a synth is because I doubt my LG netbook could run my copy of Reason 4.0 with any reliability. If it could I probably would go with a MIDI controller. But I'm mostly going to be doing orchestral pieces, so perhaps software would be a better choice. I'm not certain, I'm new to this guys, guide me.
  4. I think I've found the best synths for a low budget, the Alesis Micron, the microKORG XL and the Novation Xiosynth. Which one of these would be the best for my first synth? Or is there something even better in the same price range that I missed? (I was originally going to get a keyboard that could double as a piano for my mother, but she recently inherited a upright, just in case someone who saw my last thread was wondering.)
  5. I'm thinking on the Alesis Micron for my first 'board but I've heard mixed feelings on it, so what's the consensus here? I do have Reason 4.0 so I'm wondering if I'd be better off going with a Axiom 61? Or even something like the WK-500? Finally, is there any hands on word on the Novation Nocturn keyboards? If they want people to buy them without thinking because they look so awesome, I think they may have accomplished that.
  6. I'm looking for a cheap synth or workstation (Arranger?) for my first keyboard, $500 is probably my max budget, I do have access to a copy of Reason since its owner no longer wants it. So any recommendations?
  7. I'm looking to get into remixing and I'm in need of a keyboard on a budget of about $400, however I would like to find one that could double as a piano for my mother. From what I've seen though at this price point it's hard to find a keyboard that's good as a controller and a piano instead of just average at both or horrible at one and good at the other. Is it possible for me to get something quality for such a low budget?
  8. Hello everyone. Like most others I've been downloading music from ocremix for a while and have found myself wanting to begin remixing.