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  1. 100 topic views, 30 downloads and only two responses? If it's that bad then just tell me! Anyway, I've been on and off on this over the past few nights, it's still keeping my attention so that's good. Main thing I've done is lengthen the middle section by a few bars, so it isn't rushing through all the different beats and segments, and drop the main lead and drums so it isn't as overpowering - also giving me chance to build the song back up. It doesn't do anything radically different, but I never intended it to do. Feedback would be nicely appreciated as I'm still a bit lost, how does this fare a remix to the original tune? Also, how are the drums sounding this time round? I had a random urge to change them and I liked them a bit better.
  2. I think I'm gonna tear the drums apart and rework them, I didn't like how messy and rough they were when I was putting them in - I should've stuck with my first reaction to them. Funnily enough, I've actually started extending the middle. I'm not putting anything drastically different in, but I am knocking the volume a bit down and slowing the drums, to give a change of pace, and then building it back up again. I think it'll sound a whole lot smoother once I'm done. Just out of interest, how does this sound production wise? I have pretty much no experience with the actual mixing of a song, only writing, so I've been winging it as I go on.
  3. Cool, I've been working on it a fair portion of the evening so am gonna leave it a while so I can go back to it tomorrow later on and feeling a bit more fresh. Gonna take your suggestions for drums and have a fiddle, see what works. Cheers for the feedback
  4. Heya! Been on this site quite a while, but only just decided to come out of the lurking shroud. Not much to say about myself really, I fiddle a lot with music in my spare time, but rarely get anything finished. This is my main flaw. I have a fond knack for turning video game music to the doom metal genre (except with synth, but it's pretty much the same idea, there's probably a name for it somewhere anyway). I find it incredibly fun to tear a sad ballad or a an exciting battle theme into a seven minute pit of dispair and distortion. Dunno why. Away from the PC, I have fronted a few thrash metal\punk bands in my local area. Nothing better to do than bring the mosh in your spare time. Or something like that. Not much else to say, except that I have long hair, but you probably guessed that.
  5. Heya! This is my first mix I've attempted to do, for a game that plagued by childhood, Flashback on the Amiga. Unfortunately, I've hit a brick wall with it. Being pretty inexperienced, I'm not too sure what to do with it, so I figured I'd just turn for some advice. There's a bit in the middle that flat out annoys me at the moment, where the main lead changes but it's pretty hard to pick up straight away. I think I need to make the lead a bit more clearer? I'd like some feedback on the drums aswell, when I way playing with them I couldn't decide if I liked them or not. Unfortunately, they've since grown on me, so I'd like someone with a fresher outlook than myself to give me their opinion. Here's the song, it gets louder after about 20seconds, just in case you enjoy sitting with your speakers cranked right up. Honestly, when I started this it sounded so much different and was quite obvious what the song was a remix of. I wasn't aiming for any particular style when I was writing it. I think the fact that I'm only used to writing metal\punk made me struggle quite abit. Anyway, enough waffling. As I say, this is my first WIP, so any tips would be handy.