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  1. people latch onto the concept of cheese because their egos depend on it. to be blunt (i don't understand why everybody is sidestepping the issue), losing to mass infestors is simply getting badly humiliated, nothing more, and to call it anything else requires an incredible amount of self-delusion. stop externalizing your losses, stop calling things cheese, and you'll find yourself improving faster.
  2. oh shame on you or rather, shame on me for being unremarkable enough this past year that you didn't even recognize me when have i been anything but sweet and adorable? i have 7 days clocked at this server (never any complaints) and a reserved slot despite not playing at all since the sc2 beta came out, and you come in because a 16yearold with 1 day is taking himself way too seriously. these pompous self-entitled and anal kids were correcting anyone who made a spelling error and being condescending on a fucking cartoon video game at 3 am. what a buzzkill. my "trolling" consisted of spelling thi
  3. is 'bodyshot?!!?' rly funny or is it just another passive aggressive attempt to say the person that killed you is bad LOL????????
  4. i think it would cause unnecessary drama to name names here, but some people will always, always votescramble if their team loses 2 rounds in a row but never do it if they're rolling 6-0. i originally had a passive aggressive sentence here but it seemed like a bitch thing to say when i guess the ultimate goal is fun anyway! also, here is an advertisement: if any of you are interested in starcraft, one of the projects i am involved with is the broadcast of the largest online tournament in the world ($20,000 in prize money) - it starts at 2pm EST today and tomorrow (and the next few saturdays an
  5. keeping in mind that i'm just some pubbie, 2fort and doublecross = hate ahte ahta htae htahtha hate, such incredibly tedious maps. i think i like well, simply because i haven't played it much at all and it's still kinda fresh for me. um turbine is pretty solid all around, and as a scout i really enjoy the middle of sawmill but hate the intel rooms. the thing i notice the most is that the middle of the three ctf maps i'm okay with allow much more lateral movement. the upstairs/downstairs/basement elements of 2fort and doublecross i think could be made better if movement between floors was easie
  6. agree with atmuh, especially about heavy vs sniper and whoever got hit far away for 90 dmg by a scoot, it was probably a crit
  7. i've played a bunch of different games and whiners are always the same. abusive, stubborn, slow to adapt. they hit their self-imposed skill ceilings very quickly and stay there forever. also unrelated why doesn't anyone like cyberpunk? i can spend hours just running around in there by myself, it's absolutely genius
  8. hey guys! i'm new here, can't believe i haven't found this place before. i really like the server =] i hope i'm not overstepping my bounds as a new member saying this, but it's something i've noticed before i even read this thread: bleck, i'm sure you're a nice guy but you really ruin the atmosphere of the server sometimes with your passive-aggressive 'oh another demoman kill' stuff, and you like to take it out on everyone including new people like me. am i supposed to just switch classes when i'm still learning? i don't think it warrants such bitterness. we're all here just to have fun and p
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