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  1. I've been a loyal follower of the OC-movement since the very beginning, but have never thought of registering before this very moment. After hearing this ReMix, I simply had to send my regards to the composer. Just seeing "The Secret of the Forest" in the song description made me all warm inside - it's definitely one of the most underrated songs of its generation and contains such rich, mellow yet hopeful natural ambiance - it's truly a little masterpiece. Seeing someone attempt to ReMix this again is simply wonderful in itself. And then, to the actual result. Which is absolutely amazing. So dreamy, highly personal yet deeply faithful to the original. Having looped it five times since downloading it twenty minutes ago, I can easily say this is among the finest I've heard in terms of this site. And over the years, I've heard -it all-. Such delicacy, mood - ah; simply everything about it. Great work, Detuned Logic. Hope to hear more and similarly emotive work from you. And to Pretzel and the rest of OC staff and members; thanks for many, many years of musical memories. I'm dead serious; this site has been like a home. Thank you.
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