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  1. Thank docnano! Exactly you're right: i use two different pianos. About french horns, then i make it i didn't think use the horns only strings and piano. And change temp? Why? I like the original temp of melody and i specially stay music in original melody with a not so much changes and in original tempo. Thats just for fun and i don't think post it at the judgment panel.
  2. Hi there! Long time ago (2 years) i started this remix, i was called them in first time a - "Wind Scene", really name of this composition of Yasunori Mitsuda was a "Yearnings of Light". This is final version of that my remix. Please get the feedback on them http://dl.dropbox.com/u/21672809/MrRK_-_Yearnings_of_%20the_Wind_ReMIX.mp3 Thank You!
  3. I want to do it too, and i post in Tweeter!
  4. I see, i upload track on the depositfiles http://depositfiles.com/files/tpslalxcj
  5. Last version http://mr-rk.narod.ru/MUSIC/ct600ad_remix_end_version.mp3
  6. You right, and i make update of track http://mr-rk.narod.ru/MUSIC/ct600ad_remix_by_MrRK_upd.mp3
  7. Hello, i want to show my new remix of theme of the game Chrono Trigger This track in work progress http://mr-rk.narod.ru/MUSIC/ct600ad_remix_by_MrRK.mp3
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