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  1. Alright, I admit much of Stevie Wonder's music has plenty of fantastic melody ("Superstition" comes to mind). In fact, I'm kind of embarrassed that I came off this badly and that my examples didn't really help my point. But my examples are not my point in themselves. I'm kinda referring to what I call "Rockin' Robin Syndrome", where popular music is-- instead of high-quality music that is built around a good melody-- whatever sounds catchy and rhythmic and moves your body. This kind of music is absorbed by the masses who don't appreciate music for, well, music, and who just want their body and emotions to be moved mindlessly. It destroys the quality of music. Being such an astounding musician as you are, DarkeSword, I think you know where I'm coming from, even if you don't really agree. Like I said before, this remix is quite good. I just... I've just been alarmed lately by how much people who don't have passion for music and who don't want to understand it have predominance in the music industry, and in music production in general. Regardless, I apologize for miscommunicating myself. It's probably not good for me to rant when I'm already upset...
  2. AeroZ seems to be a highly-skilled remixer, and this is a quality mix. There's just one problem... Whatever happened to the melody?! We never liked the Hyrule Castle tune for the base or chords. It was the melody that stuck out. AeroZ has made a catchy mix, but he has forgotten what made the Hyrule Castle music so memorable. I find that appreciation for melody decreases at an alarming rate among people these days. At first I thought it was just the teenage crowd that didn't like melody. Then I expanded my opinion and thought it was the whole listening crowd (i.e., not the musicians). Now I find that even the musicians are heading steadily away from melodies and leaving us only bass, percussion, and chords... Then again, I might be able to blame early "rock 'n' roll" (like the likes of Elvis and Stevie Wonder) for that. Not that I'm saying rock has to exist without a good melody... Video game music and movie soundtracks seem to be the only sure-fire places to market melody and especially orchestrated music. Let's not ruin that...
  3. I might be the only one to say this on OCRemix, but I will never lie. I am quite pleased with the quality and the work put into the mixes. But these are remixes I just won't be listening to again. They don't have the right feel. Then again, even SEGA can't get the right feel in their Sonic music anymore. I mean, I know this is OCRemix and you guys tend to shun remasters or things that sound close to the original-- but for the most part, the original Sonic songs were the way to go. I like a lot of remixes hosted on this site, but a lot of the time I listen to remixes and I say "Whatever happened to keeping in the remix what made the original great?" So I guess I'll always be a sucker for remasters. Sometimes I believe that people who listen to music the most understand it the least-- and people who seem to hate the most music are actually the ones who appreciate it the most. The people who make remixes are often-- but not always-- people of less than great taste. They're just people who appreciate the song they're remixing. That's why there are a hundred times as many bad remixes as good ones. You don't have to have good taste to remix. There's a quirk about OCRemix-- they say they are all about preserving the greatness of video game music. However, they shun remasters, which is backwards. A remaster is a preservation of the greatness of a song. A remix often does not do that. If I owned OCRemix, I would accept remasters, and prefer them over remixes. Does that mean the remakes I like are unoriginal? Not necessarily. It all depends on the context. Remastering a 16-bit song has preference over remixing it any day in my book. Regardless, these songs are going to please a lot of people, and I'm all for that. But I guess I'll always be a sucker for remasters, and I'll just move on and keep looking for what I consider to be true preservation of my favorite classic video game songs. Good job, guys. Great quality and very hard work. Just not what I personally am looking for...
  4. Yeah, so I'm probably like, the 50th person to ask this. I didn't see it in the forums, so... I need to find an FL Studio for Dummies tutorial, or something like it, in non-video format. There doesn't seem to be one written in book form, which doesn't make any sense to me. I've been writing music and lyrics and singing since I was six, but I haven't taken real music theory classes outside of grade-school stuff. I play by ear, so I can figure out how to use the software without music theory lessons, but... When it comes to composition software, it's all Greek to me. Everything is in weird terminology written for music majors or something. So can somebody help me? If I get a good tutorial, I will be sure to post it for other noobs and newbies, so... Thanks!
  5. As my first remix request, I want to try to ask for the obvious: Who the heck is gonna remaster the theme of Super Smash Bros. Melee? I don't know if anybody has asked that before, but... Anyway, it's just that it's one of the best game compositions I've ever heard, but the original is too midi-like, not to mention that there are character sound effects in the middle of the song... I really don't want to see a remix of this song, just like I don't care for true "remixes" of many game songs. I just want to see it redone. Anybody think the song is worth the bother? "Yeah"? Then can we please see a remaster? Thank you. This is my first post, so don't kill me.