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    Born in England. Not much to really say TBH. I enjoy gaming, and want a job in the software/games industry in the future. I am currently in the second year of Sixth Form (Year 13). I have ventured into trying my hand at making indie games, although I have no programming knowledge. I have a Yamaha keyboard under my bed, which I want to learn how to play, yet haven't found the time to.
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    Ash Harbin
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  1. YAY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Congratulations on 10 fabulous years of albums. Hope teh next ten will be filled with more great remixes. Shame we don't have a birthday cake smiley though.
  2. Been a viewer at this website for quite awhile now, yet never really signed up. Well, the first album I downloaded was Voices of the Lifestream, the FF7 album. I kinda liked, and thought that I'll see which other albums are on here. Needless to say, they are pretty good in my opinion. I quite like them. I have just downloaded this today, and I am still listening to it. So far I have enjoyed this album, and seems like a good piece of work, especially with the more classical/orchestrated tracks. Can't wait until the next album.
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