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  1. Yeah automation you mean effect in the melody like vibrato, cut off ect ? By the way about the frequencies problem, what are you looking for ? Fizzy sound ? i got to make a substractive EQ around 800 hrz (one Note seemed to be a little more powerfull than the other, it happen a lot on the highest notes)
  2. I am early in my song but i tried your trick rozovian it do the trick, just need to compress a little bit the 3 band to be calibrate to not have this volume problem. I was also killing to much low, EQ at 200 hrz seem to kill the tone a lot, tanks darangen. I heard compressing synth was not a good idea but i think a little bit compressed synth sound good even if the sound of the synth is already very flat. well tanks all for the advice
  3. i am in a new track, i will try what you said, if i get stuck to got it to be righ in volume i will share it. i will try what you said also
  4. Ok i will try to roll to 100 or 120 hrz, solo it sound good, but with other instrument it's a other stuff ^^. and EQ cause volume variation exept for the the high frequencies. touch in the mid range don't seem to be a good idea to me. wrong idea ?
  5. Hi, i need to let the bass got the low frequencies, with some instruments i don't got any problem but when i do it with a synth for example. i got to many volume variation because i got to cut some low frequencies. What i have to do to advoid that ?, i got the same problem with a guitar lead too. it's realy annoying because, the sound before cut is great and don't have any variation of volume, after cut some low, the sound loose too much and have too much variation of volume
  6. Ok, a good virtual amp can help , in the free stuff i found also minimoog VA, this sort of lead is very easy to create, even more easier than synth1 i think, about commercial synth vst Omnisphere seem to be awesome O_o
  7. humm yes the synth1 free one i already try, i can get a analog lead, i am far of the result i want but it's very like the stuff, i would like even if it's a little expensif a synth vsti powerfull enough to be able to make all sort of this solo lead^^ For me the moog emulation is great but it's not cheap for only analog sound for sure
  8. hi mickomoo, it's not realy a metal synth vsti i am looking but a synth who very good for synth solo lead, and them can be put easily on metal or rock even in replacement of a guitar, even if them not sound like a guitar, that's not matter, the good exemple is to listen the music of sakuraba he use a dirty overdrive organ and also a analog lead who sound realy awesome but it's not sound like a guitar at all, i don't even think put a amp simulator is good for this sort of synth, maybe a overdire or a disto effect if there is not delay setting in the synth, like we can do on a organ ? i think
  9. Hi there i would realy know your advise about this, i realy like the square or saw solo lead we can heard in the saruin final boss theme we can heard on the ministrel song sound track, or eventualy the anolog lead motoi sakuraba use a lot, i would realy know what is best synth vsti for that type of solo synth lead, commercial or free, evnetualy if you know some free sound like those i would realy know but i think i certainly have to see with the commercial software to have what i am looking for Tanks in advance for your reply
  10. Yes, this is also true, when on metal, kick is often even blasted, rock must be modered and more slow ^^. it's sure it's depend of what you want to compose... well like chernabogue say or some midi files as exemple you want do metal take metal track to see how it's like, you want a rock check in the rock midi file
  11. i think he say he need to figured out about the compotition and for the composition. i think the best is too see in other midi file of course, there is plenty of drum line examples, a exemple of beat begin by a cymbal + 7 hit hat do the same below but 8 kick in the same place all the 2 kick place a snare by replacing the kick and you got a beat, took 2 mesure to do this in 160 tempo... check on other midi it's the better way to learn this, after you will certainly want to mix them, but it's another story lol
  12. Hi there, anything is anoyong me a lot when i try to mix, it's i am not sure of what i am doing, and i think it's what is hard at this... you must know how all work... And if i am not sure to have understand ? The thing hard to understand for me is the compressor, for it can raise the volume, by compressing the sound, it's very used for the drum, and for what purpose, i have to use it in other instrument ? i think to put some instrument with a louder sound but whitout kill the other, i mean if i want a instrument to be louder in sound than a other if i don't compress it, i want to put it
  13. May be in progress or finished maybe something can be wrong there ^^ here is the one : Edit: http://www.mediafire.com/?mogtezx55yy (some change, i think it's better) let me know what you think
  14. tanks it help but, well there is the try in question, it'a begin of a track, i like to mastering the track before make it for true lol, http://www.mediafire.com/?tzn02zmo3jl well i would put the Kick hight than the organ but it make it tremble, even if them is not at the same frequencies... very strange
  15. Well as the title say, anyone may be experienced in this style, to help me in a power metal track for exemple, in some music muted rythm guitar, bass and kick are blasted together, but the probleme is kick and bass is sharing the little frequencies, This may result to have to ear the kick and we don't ear the bass so much or vice versa, well in other style of music we can solve this problem by make for exemple a Slide chain, but when kick and bass are blasted like that, forgive it, i have the idea to take the bass volume control down only one bass for two, i may be become a more insters
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