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  1. so my girlfriend has this old ds phat. she dropped it and now the top screen doesn't work. she told me i could have it if i fixed it. so i'm like hell yes free ds right? i go out and buy a bus wire for the ds and now i'm just waiting patiently for it to arrive so i can crack this thing open and replace it. idk. it seems easy. so planning. i hear some of these flashcarts play videos and music and i think that's pretty friggin cool. and of course i want to play games too. i'm shopping. what do you guys think?
  2. oh hey there. long time listener, first time caller. name's mythosRADIATA. myth or RM for short. to avoid sounding repetitive, i won't say i'm here to make music. which kinda works out because i'm really not that musically inclined at all. betcha don't get that one every day. to sum things up - hi.