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  1. I'm interested in the amount of freedom given to the team to decide what kind of music should go where. For example, the music in Afterlife on Omega obviously needed an upbeat club-feel, whereas the music played during the opening segment showcasing Shepard's death needed to be slower and sadder to fit the moods. There are countless other situations, though, where the choice was probably much less obvious. The theme that is played while on Tuchanka while on Mordin Solus' loyalty quest fit the mood exceptionally, like a glove; while Mordin was lamenting over the loss of a willing female Krogan
  2. I've been enjoying OC Remix for five years now and have come across numerous masterpieces, but this one just spoke to me. I finally bit the bullet and registered an account just to compliment on what an amazing piece of music this is. The positions and distances of the guitar in relation to the piano automatically and instinctively creates a picture in my mind's eye of watching an ambient music video shot by a single, still camera, where the guitarist is sitting on a stool very close to the lens offset to the right, only visible from the neck down due to his proximity, and in the background on
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