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  1. Ye gods, I love the sound of cello. From the very first draw of the bow across the strings, it stirs something within me...a promise of epic, fantastic adventure. It almost feels like nostalgia, like it compresses all my cherished memories of playing RPGs and reading epic fantasy into not-nearly-enough minutes. Beautiful, good sir, just beautiful.
  2. Actually the math doesn't work out that nicely. $50: 1500 slots x 1 copy each = 1500 copies $100: 150 slots x 1 copy each = 150 copies $250: 100 slots x 2 copies each = 200 copies $500: 50 slots x 2 copies each = 100 copies $1000: 50 slots x 10 copies each = 500 copies That's 2450 physical albums if they max out on contributors. I suppose there'll be plenty of money to cover it if that happens, but obviously OCR is not expecting it. You can tell because there are 50 slots at the $1k level, but less than 30 physical copies of FFIV left. With the current pledges OCRemix owes 639 FF6 albums and counting. Anyway, I'm in at $50 again and still wish I could afford the $1k to get a copy of Echoes.
  3. This might be my favorite album since Echoes of Betrayal, Light of Redemption. Note that I deliberately didn't say OCRemix album, because this site literally produces my favorite music anywhere. I posted this in the announcements forum but I have to repeat it here: I haven't gotten the chance to listen more in depth yet, but I seriously can not get enough of Onward by Josh Whelchel f. Ryan C. Connelly. I immediately loved it as much as I immediately loved Fighting for Tomorrow on Echoes. That album got better and better the more I listened to it, and I expect this one will be no different. Thank you Brandon Strader and the other artists that devoted their time and skill to this album, great stuff!
  4. I'm quite enjoying this album so far, though on first listen it's a bit heavy on the metal (ha ha) for my tastes. I admit I still need a nice, deep listen with good headphones before I can fully appreciate it. But right now...Hoe-Emm-Gee you guys, I can not get enough of Onward by Josh Whelchel f. Ryan C. Connelly. Srsly...Can't. Get. Enough. Major props to Brandon Strader for the album. Great work!
  5. A massive thank you to the talented group of artists behind this album. Awesome, awesome stuff. Also, I may not be in the majority here, but I *love* that FLAC versions are included. Back when the FF4 album was first released I only listened to the MP3s, and some time later I installed Rockbox on my iPod and loaded the FLACs. It was like a whole new album, and I mean that in the best way possible. To those of you only listening to the MP3s, you are really missing out on the brilliance behind these tracks.
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