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  1. Hello, I am the arranger of this piece. I appreciate the reviews so far. Criticism is the only way I can grow. However, I wish you could all listen to the original WAV of this. It's so much warmer and full sounding. The hi-hat doesn't sound so harsh, the bass is more defined, etc. I encoded this into MP3 with various programs. MusicMatch, Cakewalk 9.0, SoundForge, Audiocatalyst...all of them gave me the same file that's on Remix OC. I used OGG and it sounded much more like my original WAV. WMA had mixed results too, but still sounded better than the MP3. Even encoding in a High VBR bitrate in MP3 didn't solve the problem. Anyway, thanks for the reviews. I will eventually make more and hopefully better arrangements.
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