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  1. Thanks for the replies people, i really appreciate it. I think ill stick with FL and try a demo of Reason. Like most of you said, its more important that i use what works for me, so ill do just that!
  2. Yeah a lot of people say FLStudio sucks, but i cant disagree more. i dont really know why my friend changed his music software, perhaps he just fancied a change. I usually create dance, trance music but ive recently started leaning towards drum and bass, FLStudio doesnt seem to agree with me very well on this. I just thought id ask before i changed software weather anybody knows the pros and cons of each program.
  3. I have been using fruity loops for a while now as i find it has a nice interface and has sufficient tools to make my style of music, however a while ago my friend told me he was moving from FLStudio to Reason and that i should do the same. Does anyone agree? What benefits would i gain by doing so? How is reason better or worse than FLStudio?
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