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  1. well i see that fruity as more button than reason seriously, but all thread here is about reason before the 7 so well it changed and anyhow you dont have the need for all button, you create the instrument you need save as a basic starter module then you compose without having to open close windows all the time, I find fruit fare more clogged and slow to create full song
  2. go see for yourself Reason 8 Dont ever talk about record it dosent make any sense The only thing really is reason dont take vst that evolve since the beginig but as now the same principle called RE Wich rob papen made some there as is predator so it`s just a question of time -Reason Really fast but for good sounding more work low cpu cost based on how you run it and it get you closer to creativity and you never have a windows blocking your way -Fruity, fast loop making, great tool for project and backing it up great sound a lot of free vst But can crash and it take more cpu as you can not have 70vst running but reason can, anoying with all thoses window that you have o open close every single time you record with a midi keyboard. the you loose inspiration. but run vst that are far more powerfull than Mostly any reason sound. And yes any omnisphere sound is reproductible in reason, just have the guts. You realy need both Otherwise for vst implementation as reason IS a vst use presonus studio one Metal made with reason https://soundcloud.com/magelorth-metal Multi genre music with reason but the top 1st song is made with fruity https://soundcloud.com/magelorth And here a lots of free vst as more than 4000... For free www.vst4free.com Cheer, need both 3
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