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  1. Uematsu's music has always moved me in a very unique way. His is the only music of my youth I still listen to. I would love to meet the man behind the tunes. I'm in it to win it.
  2. I got in touch with the author, he had lost the file to an old computer. Hopefully he'll make an appearance and submit it here!
  3. --------------------- Time Compression Leif Final Fantasy 8 Compression of Time --------------------- Okay, so I've had this song- Time Compression by Leif -for many years now. It is my absolute favorite song in all of existence. However, when I try to find more by the same guy, not only do I fail to encounter his name, I fail to encounter a copy of this song. I REALLY enjoy this song, and I would hate for it to be forgotten. Did this song come from OC Remix, or old VG Mix? I'll be upfront with my intentions- I'd like to see this song downloadable off of this website, but I want to get it there the right way. But since I'm not the author... I'm here for guidance on how best to share this remix with the world. You can listen to it here, but can't download it. I can email anyone interested a copy- http://listen.grooveshark.com/#/s/Time+Compression+Prog+Rock+/218XyP