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  1. Uematsu's music has always moved me in a very unique way. His is the only music of my youth I still listen to. I would love to meet the man behind the tunes. I'm in it to win it.
  2. I got in touch with the author, he had lost the file to an old computer. Hopefully he'll make an appearance and submit it here!
  3. --------------------- Time Compression Leif Final Fantasy 8 Compression of Time --------------------- Okay, so I've had this song- Time Compression by Leif -for many years now. It is my absolute favorite song in all of existence. However, when I try to find more by the same guy, not only do I fail to encounter his name, I fail to encounter a copy of this song. I REALLY enjoy this song, and I would hate for it to be forgotten. Did this song come from OC Remix, or old VG Mix? I'll be upfront with my intentions- I'd like to see this song downloadable off of this website, but I want to get
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